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  1. UpGradde

    Diehard Platimuns Super sale

    No group 31 marine? (pm-1) MEH.
  2. UpGradde

    Us Amps Ax3200de

  3. UpGradde

    Us Amps Ax3200de

    The 3k @ 1 ohm rating is at 12v. You can expect to see ~3600w at 1 ohm @ 14.4v. Pm me again, looks like my inbox was full.
  4. UpGradde

    Us Amps Ax3200de

    $550 shipped crackheads price special. Don't sleep on it.
  5. UpGradde

    Us Amps Ax3200de

    I still have the SS amp' date=' who knows, may be up for sale soon... Wish I would have bumped this more often lol. Yes the amp is .5 ohm stable. $600 SHIPPED for those that missed the price. Too bad I cant update the original post.
  6. UpGradde

    Us Amps Ax3200de

    $600 is the lowest I am going on this amp guys. New pictures of the amp with my username can be provided upon request. Or any pic of any part of the amp as well.
  7. UpGradde

    Us Amps Ax3200de

    $600 shipped!
  8. UpGradde

    Us Amps Ax3200de

    taking offers
  9. UpGradde

    Us Amps Ax3200de

    $649 shipped
  10. I was like, hmm he knows how many people are after these...yet keeps asking questions...yeah he doesn't want to buy, he just wants information. Lol.
  11. Subs pending sale again. Waiting for the final payment.
  12. UpGradde

    Us Amps Ax3200de

    $650 shipped. Shipped same day via UPS ground if paying before 4pm central time using paypal.