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  1. blackman

    What size gauge speaker wire for subwoofer

    ^^^^ that would be fine, but the biggest you can fit would be best.
  2. blackman

    Amp to push 2 15" type r's - what would be the best?

    I would find a used aq2200
  3. but.....when your alt does go out. I would suggest replacing with a 200 amp.
  4. youll be fine..... I ran 3 Group 31 batts and my optima red top on a 90 amp alt.
  5. let me think on this one.... and sancho pmed back
  6. as the title says I am looking for a 4000W + RMS amp. I am open to almost anything that does rated power. I will take anything up to 12000W. open to prices depending on product but know what i am willing to pay for certain amps. post here, PM me, it doesnt matter.
  7. blackman

    WTT:Soundstream XXX-4000d

    what did the birthsheet say as far as ratings? and I am still interested in your alt. Im waiting on a reply to see if I wanna go bigger like 350 amps or not.
  8. I have a gt500KR......stickered for $82,000
  9. blackman

    Police stopped me today for loud music

    I was asked this once when being stopped for loud music, I asked him if he had an air conditioner I could borrow, he laughed and called me a smart ass, then we proceeded to talk about my system and he hopped in to hear it lol.
  10. blackman

    rearview mirror wont stay on

    I let the screw loose on mine, it worked for a while, then it fell off again, it almost broke my flip out so i took it off.
  11. blackman

    So i bought the Image Dynamics CTX65's

    get the horns....lol
  12. blackman

    Got my AQ2200.1 today and i have ?s

    I had 2x AQ2200d, I was louder when I didnt use the knob and left it turned down. actually gained 2 dbs from it being turned all the way down rather than all the way up....
  13. blackman

    WTT High End Paintball Equip.

    Ive been out of paintball for a while.....but....might be interested in this.....I have 2 AA mayhem 18s....pm me and think of a deal?
  14. blackman

    Sub to pair with 800w RMS

    well if u get some bls according to ecracks spl calc u should do a 144 if you drive a hatchback....lmao......I had some bl 18s, I loved them.....
  15. blackman

    SPL Calculator

    It was pretty close on mine, but i had to put hatchback. even though Im in a denali....but I do have my woofers aiming towards rear glass... It said 152.3 with my Bl's that I no longer have vented box with 4400 rms, and my highest there was a 152.5 and it says on my 2 mayhems that i got now Ill do a vented big box with about 6600 rms and it should say a 159.3 but If i go with with 13200 watts like I want then I will do a 162.3. which would be badass legal sealed.