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  1. Linkz

    you know you love bass when....

    Sounds about right.
  2. Monoprice.com has some good prices 15ft for $6. It's what I use. link
  3. Linkz

    Funny review of the new VM 4ch

    It's crap. don't buy. /thread
  4. Linkz

    Underhung TC Nomz

    Dem some nice woofers ---------- Post added at 12:02 AM ---------- Previous post was at 12:02 AM ---------- xmax?
  5. Linkz

    2 15"s-4ft3 ???

    Bad sound quality. Destructive interference.
  6. Linkz

    6000+ rms at .7

    Where would you even buy a taramp anyways? I didn't see anything on their website.
  7. Linkz

    l7 question

    Yea, don't mix different ohm rating together.
  8. Linkz

    Subwoofer bottoming out easy?

    Yea, do it enough and the coil breaks. I've done that before too.
  9. Linkz

    6000+ rms at .7

    You could try a cactus amp if you could find one.
  10. Linkz

    Subwoofer bottoming out easy?

    I would say it is not clipping. Just because a sub can take 1krms does not mean it will need it to reach xmax. Sealed boxes require a high amount of excursion to produce lower frequencies. You have just reached the xmax of the driver at a lower power level. I did the same with a sdc2.5 in a sealed box.
  11. Linkz

    6000+ rms at .7

    hes saying .7ohm stable
  12. Linkz

    How much is this worth??

    Make a for sale thread in the FS section.
  13. Linkz

    How much is this worth??

  14. I'm tuned to 34. But, I hink 32 would be better. keeps you from bottoming out on those low notes.