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  1. gangstajpimpin

    RE XXX Door installation question

    I have recently installed the RE XXX 6.5 component set into my doors. I have about 1/8 inch gap between the speaker and the window...is that ok or should i add a THIRD ring of MDF...ridiculous i know but i dont care haha! FG will come in the future..
  2. gangstajpimpin

    Wtb Hertz Tweeter!!

    I want to buy your Hertz tweeter. One of my Hertz HSK165 tweeters was damaged in transit to my customer so I'm replacing it for him. Shoot me a PM. ready to buy NOW!
  3. gangstajpimpin

    Need suggestions for my VAN :)

    I have this much room to work with in the back of my van: (not taking out the bed) 18" from rear seat to rear door 28" from floor to window 56" from side to side What im looking for: I would like some help in deciding what i should put back there, as well as box specifications and possibly a box designed for me. (I can build it) I am aiming to get extremely low and as loud as possible (without cooked woofer) Hopefully two woofers will be fine, as money is kind of tight as I am in college. Also, amplifier suggestions would be greatly appreciated as well. If you are trying to sell me your subs/amp please do so via PM...this is a suggestion thread to help me reach my decision of an amazing substage. As far as money goes, I am a college student but I don't want to cheap out and buy crappy product. I would like this setup to last me as long as possible. Thank you for your assistance; it is much appreciated!
  4. gangstajpimpin

    Amp output is 0v... :(

    I am wondering why my past two amps have been reading 0v on the output. I am pretty sure that all connections are ROCK SOLID. The RCA cables are good as well. Input voltage at amplifier: 12.4v (car off), 11.2v (remote) I know the amplifier isn't fried because the same thing happened to my alpine...could the subwoofer possibly be blown or....? What lead up to this problem is listening to my music at full tilt for a long time, and i think i EQ'd the bass end a little high... Thanks for your help!
  5. gangstajpimpin

    I think my IDQ might be fried...

    I have purchased two amplifiers for this subwoofer in the past. All connections to the amplifier are ROCK SOLID and signal is coming from the RCA's for sure. With the vehicle off it reads 12.4v and remote is ~11.2v. When i place my DMM probes on the output, a voltage of 0 shows. I am completely stumped and i tore my alpine amp to shreds because of it FML...haha Your help is appreciated! Thank you...i have been bassless for over a month now. Subwoofer is: 12" IDQv3 D4 inside of .9'^3 sealed
  6. gangstajpimpin

    Oscilloscope for setting gains...

    Would this oscilloscope be good enough to set the gains on my amplifier? I don't wanna buy a 200$ scope and fry it lol! HPS40 Oscilloscope HPS40 handheld oscilloscope has a 40MHz sampling rate up to 12MHz analog bandwidth 0.1mV sensitivity 5mV to 20V/div in 12 steps max voltage measurements of 600V above ground (ac + dc) using included x10 probe 50ns to 1hour/div time base in 34 steps full auto set up adjustable trigger level X and Y position signal shift + 27 DVM readout audio power calculation (rms and peak) in 2, 4, 8, 16 & 32 ohm dBm, dBV, DC, rms ...measurements signal markers for Volt and Time frequency readout (through markers) recorder function (roll mode) signal storage (2 memories) high resolution LCD 192x112 pixels LCD backlight optical isolated RS232 output for PC data or bitmap download to PC
  7. gangstajpimpin

    Amp for my IDQ 12" V3 Dual 4 Ohm

    Hello, I recently fried my Alpine MRP-M500... I would like recommendations for my Image Dynamics 12" Version3 Dual Voice Coil 4 Ohm subwoofer and maybe a perfect voltage to set the output gain to :P Thank you and sorry for being n00b...im tired of having to replace things Also, here are the specs of the woofer...so u dont have to look it up RE: 1.35/5.4 Ohms FS: 26.241 Hz QES: .469 QMS: 2.609 QTS: .397 VAS: 2.98 cuft Xmax: 18 mm SD: 519.45 cm2 SPL: 87.01 dB RMS Power Handling: 50-600 Watts Reccomended Enclosure Size (Sealed Box): 0.65-1.0 cu.ft Mounting Depth: 5.8"
  8. My Alpine amp stopped working while i was driving. System was on full tilt, like usual, but it just decided to stop working 1) All fuses are perfect. 2) The input voltage at the amplifier was measured at 12.4v with car off 3) RCA cables are good. 4) Amplifier grounds are good. (Other amp's ground is hooked up to same spot, so its good (sanded down to metal and bolted down really good on chassis)) 5) Output voltage to subwoofer is 0v Gains were also set properly, and my IDQ was receiving 400w. What could be the problem? If it is fried...what components would i need to check inside the amplifier? Here is a picture: Thank you for helping, if it is an ir-replacable component inside of the amplifier I would like to know of a better amp suited to push my IDQv3D4 @ ~400 watts and not poop out
  9. gangstajpimpin

    Amp stopped working while driving...

    Ok, as the title says my Alpine amp stopped working while i was driving. All fuses are ok. The input voltage was measured at 12.4v with car off RCA cables are good. Amplifier grounds are good. (Other amp's ground is hooked up to same spot, so its good (sanded down to metal and bolted down really good on chassis)) Output voltage to subwoofer is 0v Gains were also set properly, and my IDQ was receiving 400w. What could be the problem?
  10. Like the title says; I want to buy an IDQ12V3 With an Amplifier to power it... if you have one or the other please post here...i will PM you with my decision! Thank you!
  11. Post your subs, pics, and prices SHIPPED to 89031
  12. Like the title says...i want to buy your HIGH END Component Speaker system... has to be 6.5" Here is a list of my most wanted: 1. Hertz MLK165 2. Hertz HSK165 3. Rainbow Vanadium 4. Whatever you have to offer me!
  13. gangstajpimpin

    Convertible Bass Question

    Lets say (hypothetically) i wanna put 2 12" Fi Q subwoofers in my trunk along with 2 sets of Hertz Mille MLK 165 Components... I am wondering if the vibrations will ruin the top / will any damage occur to the convertible top? vehicle : 2004 Mustang v6 DropTop Thank you!!