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  1. We did a quick video while we were building a new 6 phase alternator for Steve Meade's Lexus ISF. We thought it would be a good opportunity to explain some of the differences between a 6 phase high output alternator and a conventional high output alternator. It's kind of a fun little tech video that might help you understand a little bit more about the inside of your alternator: Mechman Alternators, High Output Alternators, Built in the USA, Call 1-888-MECHMAN!

    Will it be enough?

    If the 160 amp unit is in the original style housing, it is going to have pretty low output at idle, and will more than likely burn up. That style of rectifier was only designed for about 100 amps max. Another option would be to convert your stock alternator to run @ 16.8 volts (we charge $150 for the external regulator) and switch to XS power D1400's. You could then use the D1400's and external regulator in your next vehicle. You will get a lot more power out of the amp, and even though the alternator is undersized, you could stay in the 14 volt range at full tilt. (at least for a little while) The D1400's are a lot better quality than that Shuriken, also.

    What is optimal vs what is necessary

    A 60 amp alternator really is only capable of sustaining 840 watts, period. Also, the vehicle itself is going to require as a bare minimum, 25 amps to run ignition, fuel pump, etc... This means that you actually only have about 35 amps available to power the system. If it wern't for the battery(s), the amp would shut off imeadiately. I would tell you to test the theory by removing the battery from the equation, but an alternator physically will not function without being connected to some kind of battery. I guess the easiest experiment would be to have your friend with the 2500 watt system and 60 amp alternator play his system at full volume for more than 5 minutes, with a digital multimeter connected to the battery terminals. The longer it plays, the lower the voltage will drop. If he plays it long enough, (depending on if the amp has low voltage protections) eventually the battery voltgage will fall down far enough that the engine shuts off. (about 9 volts or so, depending on the vehicle) a 60 amp alternator on a 2500wrms is not realistic for listening to the system for any reasonable amount of time.
  4. Unfortunately, we don't have a unit for your Hyundai- Buy I bet Nate over at Excessive Amperage could get you a decent unit in a much shorter time span, and probably for less $$$

    What is optimal vs what is necessary

    The key factor here that nobody addresses is TIME. If you have good battery researve, you can run a 30,000 watt groundpounder with NO alternator whatsoever, I know people that do it. The only thing is, 1) they run 16 volt batteries so that even after voltage drop they are in a good voltage range, and 2) they can only demo for a few minutes before putting it back on the battery charger. Your friend with the 2KWRMS system running off of a 60 amp alternator is not going to be able to do that for more than a couple minutes before the voltage starts to drop SEVERELY. As it was, I bet he was at or below battery voltage (12.8 volts) and was not getting nearly the power out of the amplifier that he could. The simple mathematics that were posted earlier are true. Amplifier power has to have current to back it up. You can take it out of the batteries for a little while, but the voltage will be low, and eventually you could hurt the amp. I've run 5KWRMS off of a single MechMan 270 amp alternator and (2) D1400 batteries and not dropped below 15.0 volts, BUT I would only ever demo the system for 5 minutes at a time to keep from burning up the voice coil. All factors need to be considered when engineering a charging system to supply your audio system and your listening habits.

    not enough power!

    If your battery is tired, you will have a lot of Dimming. We have XS power D3400 batts in stock for $259 shipped. That bat will go right in the stock tray and use the stock hold down. We can also have 2 gauge (plenty big enough for a stock alt and 1000 watt amp) big three kits for just $20. And if you ever do decide to replace your alt, we have 250 amp units in stock for $399 Just shoot me an e-mail if you want more info: mlogan@mechman.com
  7. Yes, two batteries under the hood would work great. We have the XS power D3400 batteries in stock for $259 shipped. That unit will fit directly in the stock battery tray(s) and use the stock hold down. mlogan@mechman.com

    High output alternator

    The Power bastards unit is a small case unit, and has very limited cooling, and stock style rectifier with small diodes. It will have very weak output at actual idle speed, and will fail in short order. How they can say they are made in the USA, is beyond me, because I have piles of them here, and they appear to be exactly the same as the "high output" alternators we can order complete from China for less than $100. If you are looking for a bargain, we have 250 amp, 6 phase units on sale for $349. They make increadible output at idle, even as low as 500 engine RPM. By 800 RPM, they make about 200 amps. This is because they are (1) a larger housing, and (2) utilize 6 phase technology. This also makes them more efficient, and less prone to belt slip, which is an issue on V8 Fords of that Era due to the limited belt wrap on the alternator. Also, out units have a finely finned heat sink on the back, and 16 diodes (PB unit only has 6) to handle the power and heat for 100,000+ miles. Sometimes out units are more expensive than others because the components cost more, but in this case it is a no brainer. If you want to get one on the way, just shoot me an e-mail, I have them in stock. I also have even larger units available, but belt slip can be an issue if you go over 250 amp on that motor. mlogan@mechman.com

    DC audio

    Really? I would like to see one instance where we cannot provide more power, for less money. If someone else offers a legitimately comperable alternator for less money on a given vehicle, we will beat their advertised price. (their price must be in print or posted on the web) We have a lot more options at various prices than just what's listed on our website. I'd be happy to quote the OP on an alternator, just shoot me an e-mail: mlogan@mechman.com
  10. Ebay sales are leaving the shelves as you read this. Don't hesitate to cash in on the savings. Our new website is being constructed to replace the older one, and applications are being added /changed to make life easier for our customers. We hope to hear from you! items in MechMan alternators store on eBay!
  11. I agree with xShowtekx, as most of our customers eventually need the option to expand their system from the original build. Food for thought.
  12. I would suggest something around the 270 amp to 340 amp range, depending on the application. In addition, a good battery bank will round out the system. Our 270 amps do outperform our 320 amp alternators at idle (800 RPM) output but the 320 will exceed the 270 in output at cruise speeds. Some food for thought. If you have any further questions, please let me know. Thanks! michael@mechman.com
  13. We are not offering this kit without the alternators. It will not work with stock casings. If you have an application that would work with our dual kit, we do sell that separately. Please PM me with your vehicle info and I will let you know if your application qualifies. Thank you! Michael
  14. We are not offering this kit without the alternators. It will not work with stock casings. If you have an application that would work with our dual kit, we do sell that separately. Please PM me with your vehicle info and I will let you know if your application qualifies. Thank you! Michael
  15. Guess I'm the only one who is enjoying living in the "Untied States." :/