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    2 12" dc level 4's or 2 12" AQ HDC3's???

    Papermaker nailed it.

    WTB 5k

    Found what I'm looking for
  3. I have that exact alt for my 08 explorer, just haven't put it in yet since I sold my 3000d. I've been told nothing but good things about Mechman from friends that have used their alts and they're considerably cheaper than DC and Ohio Gen so that's why I chose them. Hoping to score an amp soon so I'll get back to you once the alt goes in.

    WTB 5k

    Hahaha thanks bud. I'm trying to get one of those 4500ds on caco (not for $700 haha) but I haven't heard back from him.

    WTB 5k

    Thanks for the offer ^^^^ but I'm only wanting to run 1 amp.

    need a big amp

    rab is selling a stetsom 4k2d for $600. 4.2kw at 2 ohm.

    WTB 5k

    Yes, it is one of Stewies. But supposedly TMH is using them for finals so I have to wait. Not sure when finals are so I don't know how long the wait will be or how beat up it will be once I get it.

    WTB 5k

    I never meant to say the 3500s are only worth $600-$650. I just meant for it to be worth it for me to go from a 3000d to a 3500d I couldn't justify spending $250 more. But I will keep this in mind. Can you pm me some info, either on here or caco, with some info like how long you've used it and stuff like that?

    WTB 5k

    I know! I saw it sell within 40min pretty much. That was one sexy looking amp. I'm glad you sold it for what you did but since I'm not looking for a 1 of 50 amp I think I might be alright around the budget I listed. And I know it's hard to interpret my tone through words on a computer screen but I'm not pissed or trying to cause drama with you guys I'm just simply saying I can probably find something in that budget. I have a cactus k5 waiting for me for $700 but I was just trying to get something sooner since I can't get the cactus for another month since he's using them for finals.
  10. KHARPS

    WTB 5k

    Like I said before, I've seen 40.1s go for $650, D9s go for $600ish,$550 at the lowest from skip01, there are ab500.1s for $800 OBO on caco, a 4k2d for $600 from RAB right now. Just because I'm not buying either one of your amps doesn't mean I can't find one of the ones I just mentioned for AROUND $700.
  11. KHARPS

    WTB 5k

    If you guys don't have any of the amps I'm looking for within $100 of that "budget"........ride out. If you want to lecture me on what amps are worth do so in a pm.
  12. KHARPS

    WTB 5k

    I never once mentioned a 4500d. Those are at least $950 used.
  13. KHARPS

    WTB 5k

    ^^^^^ I didn't mean any of that in a mean way. I'm just saying I think I can find one of the amps I want for that price based on what I've seen sold in the past. My price IS flexible, but I'm not willing to exceed my budget for less power than I'm looking for.
  14. KHARPS

    WTB 5k

    I can get a new 3500d for $825. I just sold my MINT 3000ds for under $500. It would not be worth $250 more than I sold my 3000ds for, for me to get a used 3500d. Plus I've seen 40.1s go for under $650 in good shape and D9s go for $550. So, no, I'm not way off.
  15. KHARPS

    WTB 5k

    Possibly if the price was right. I would only spend $600-$650 on a used 3500. I saw yours and they appear to be in really good shape but a ways out of my price range for 3.5kw.