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  1. endofdays89

    Why did you ban me?

    I tried to be cool and post less and not stir up problems and i got banned again. I don't even know what i did. Are you kidding me?
  2. endofdays89

    Pick me out an alpine HU

    It's too hard to choose and i don't know the models or anything. I need one with a processor and decent 5-7 band eq.
  3. endofdays89

    The Official Type R Thread

    does anyone else type r's get this loud?
  4. endofdays89

    Just set my gains with DMM

    did you have the car running when you set gains?
  5. they still won't last given 300 rms rated power. That is what seperates good subs from cheap ones.
  6. i honestly would not want to hear a $30 subwoofer. I would be afraid to give them rated power because they might go "pop".
  7. endofdays89

    some of my rides...

    those are really nice, i don't know which one i like best.
  8. endofdays89

    Just set my gains with DMM

    then you should be able to turn it up to 75% with little or no distortion and it should be about as loud as it was before since you can turn the HU volume up higher now. You probably had distortion before, so it should also sound much better. To answer the question in one word i would say "no"
  9. endofdays89

    Just set my gains with DMM

    OMG, yes if the volume is the same. You are going to be able to turn the volume up higher now though so it doesn't matter. And your max volume should be around what you had it at when setting the gains FYI
  10. endofdays89

    !!!vids Of My 2 12" In A Crx

    dude the quality is terrible.
  11. endofdays89

    Anyone running a 4 0hm Alpine type R 12 inch?

  12. endofdays89

    Do amps, subs, etc. get weaker?

    i wonder the same thing some times, but i think alot of it depends on the weather. I notice that it sounds better when the temp is above 40 here, when its below freezing i always want to turn the volume up a few more notches. I think it's mostly you getting used to the sound though.