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  1. Everyone must admit that while the search feature on this site contains a wealth of knowledge, the site as a whole is filled with trolls and a$$h*les.. If a noob asks a question, they get torn a new one, and if anyone ask a question regarding a brand you get 1,596 pages of nuthuggers calling each other ignorant for not liking what they like... The DOME is the best part of CA.. for true help and on the spot knowledge we all know CA and CACO are not the places to go.
  2. Durango03

    FS: CT Sounds 4000.1D

    I admit I am not interested in this amp. Simply curious as to the rumor that original MAP posted by coleman has jumped substantially. Sorry OP for stealing your thread. Went back and checked old price and you are correct, I am wrong. Hints the "?" Nice amp OP, GLWS. Again, sorry to have thread jacked.
  3. Durango03

    FS: CT Sounds 4000.1D

    In all serious im not bash, simply inquiring as to current CT prices... I have heard that coleman is jacking the amp prices to ridiculous amounts.. iirc, the 7k was once $950 brand new wasnt it?
  4. Durango03

    Lightning Audio X1.12 (TC SOUNDS 3HP)

    Trade a C&D 140 battery for it? Im about an hr from C-ville
  5. no. bought it used on here without any manual.. there are tons of youtube videos about using this specific model though.. pretty easy to figure out.
  6. Item(s) for Sale: 1) Clamp- SOLD 2)Oscope nano- SOLD 3) Buss Bars- SOLD 4)C&D battery 140 Description/Condition of Item(s): 1) Working.. lol idk what else to say about it. 2) Works great. screen may have a tiny scratch or scrap.. comes with black carry bag 3) they are bars... work as they are suppose to. One has a burn mark where I was demonstrating to my 8 year old what happens when positive touches negative 4) Rests roughly at 13.9 on a full charge. great beastly battery. dimensions are roughly 13highx11longx7wide Price: 1) 25shipped 2) 60shipped 3) 25shipped 4) 170shipped (BTW when shipping one to T.I.K. it cost $87... and he was one state away!! hell of a deal!) Shipping Information: All prices are "SHIPPED" [ATTACH=CONFIG]26545307[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]26545308[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]26545309[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]26545310[/ATTACH]
  7. Durango03

    Newbie from Knoxville

    west tn, by the ky boarder
  8. Durango03

    Newbie from Knoxville

    stick around, learn a little, and never waste your money on prefab again! Welcome.
  9. Durango03

    WTB Old video games/systems

    I have several SNES and NES games.. had a whole trashbag full in my attic a few years back but gave them away to some kid... lol, should have just hung on to them, but w/e. [ATTACH=CONFIG]26545192[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]26545191[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]26545190[/ATTACH]
  10. Durango03

    The worst part of deployments

    worst part? Spending 387 days away from home.. going out on mission every single day. Doing the same thing every single day.. and NOT ONCE getting to do your job!! Seriously, love my battle buddies, but just once.. for your medics/ corpsmen, just get hurt.. just once... don't have to be terrible, just enough to allow them to do something. /rant
  11. Durango03

    Timmy's Ford Taurus doors by 04Murdalanche

    Fucked up that he doesn't care that he screwed Timmy? INDEED... The pics he has posted before slaughtering Timmys panels were all half assed.. he admits it himself when he claims that he "didn't have to sand any further being as it was getting rhino lined" Im a bit of a perfectionist.. and If Im paying someone, I expect no half ass work going into my vehicle... just saying.
  12. Ive had my SIII for a little more than a year now, and like I said, I considered upgrading to the 5s. But I actually really like my Galaxy.. instead of switching to Apple Im just going to wait until Verizon brings out the Samsung MEGA (The way my family plan is set up is that in august of every year I get 2 upgrades.. 4lines)