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  1. destined2race

    500-600rms @ 2

    PM me a price to 53716 ---------- Post added at 12:44 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:43 PM ---------- Which alpine is it ---------- Post added at 12:45 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:44 PM ---------- Trying to find something like $100 shipped or so, have a couple options local above that if I cant find something I like.
  2. destined2race

    500-600rms @ 2

    Hey guys looking for something fairly cheap to run my 10w3's in my daily driver. Let me know what ya got!
  3. destined2race

    3 10 ID box help

    Ya I was thinking on the .9/1cu side. Thanks for the input ill probably just go ahead and do individual chambers again I have the room to add a baffle and make em nice and even
  4. Hey guys looking for some input. I just bought 3 10" ID ctx series subs. I am building a custom sealed-sealed in enclosure off the back seat to my cab. Wanted to do a budget build using mostly stuff I had. Will use a 500/1 to power them (8ohm versions). Mainly wondering if I should do one box or individual chambers. Obviously Im just going to a little bump with some sq. Not expecting a ton but want the best I can get on low end/sq. The manual says the "audiophile" specs recommend like .9cu per. Thanks for any input/advice.
  5. destined2race

    10" square sub

    The SS wouldn't work anyways, its actually to deep for mounting depth. I had an L7 which fit, I might go the l5 route. For me though, its a work truck setup so I could care less how it really looks, and I don't need one that can handle more power. Its only going to see about a 400rms amp anyways if that. Its a cheaper setup and I know what to expect in any case. I should just throw something else in there and not even deal with the square crap... again just wanted to use the box I had as It fits perfect in my truck. Just thought checking here there would be a few options.
  6. destined2race

    10" square sub

    L5 would work, send me a price to 53716, wouldnt mess with another but that box fits good in my work truck. ---------- Post added at 11:33 AM ---------- Previous post was at 11:33 AM ---------- And only thing i really was finding online on the cheaper side is a pyle (no way) or a soundstream for like $80 new.
  7. destined2race

    10" square sub

    Hey guys checking to see if someone has a 10" square sub laying around they would like to get rid of. Have a custom box i used to use so just want to put it to use. Prefer something cheaper like an l5 or mb or something similiar.
  8. They both have a bunch of good options... its all about personal taste. Anyone who says otherwise is either ignorant or just doesn't want to admit it. Ive driven numbers of fast muscle cars, and have had an 18g turbo'd civic SI, Modded GTP, Modded WRX and a Modded Speed6 and I really came to love the 2 awd cars. Almost bought my associates 650+hp GT500 that was a beast too. Still drive the SPeed 6 for a daily driver til I decide what car I want to build on next... put more work into this car already though really like it. AWD, 6 speed, turbo/intercooled plus lots of creature features from heated 2 tone seats to xenon adjustable headlights, moonroof, bose, one touch windows, etc. Might just end up building this motor. Almost to 100k and had no issues since ive had it. Not the best import but its decent. Heres the stang too..
  9. destined2race

    What it's worth

    That's your response to this fail thread? You know what you paid, do some research on your own and it ALL DEPENDS ON CONDITION....
  10. destined2race

    Solo X Advice

    It is ported and it doesn't hit the lows in a pretty large box... I put that in my original post. And if its just because of low power than ill have to test it out on the other amp
  11. destined2race

    Solo X Advice

    Yeah if I keep it ill probably end up throwing my AQ2200 on it, more so I wanted ideas on enclosures people have had with them.
  12. destined2race

    Solo X Advice

    hey guys just picked up an older solo x in nice shape for $100 in a box. I think it was a good deal. It has a large box that sounds decent in but the lows. I remember hearing over the years these weren't the best for low end. I did download the manual from kicker and it says it can operate sealed to give good low end... any thoughts? Its in like a 39"w x 14 x 14 ported box right now. Its a d2 and currently am running it with an os RF 800a2. Just threw it in last night so haven't messed with it much. Thanks for any input, any specific box types/dimensions would be great.
  13. destined2race

    JL Audio 10w6v2-D4

    Yea gotta love the noobs who cant read
  14. Man these are great subs. I miss mine, had one back when they were first out and ran it ported (no radiator) on a 1000/1 and it sounded amazing. glws