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  1. plyer3

    Alpine Pdx v9

    Do you have receipt for warranty?
  2. plyer3

    Shoei RF1000 Medium Helmet and Sheilds

    You know if the shields will fit a RF1100 model? Oh and not sure if Large matters as well
  3. plyer3

    FS PS4 with Extras

    with extra included stuff, his asking price is a whole lot better than some who are selling just the system for $800+. They're been going in and out of stock, but none in my area. It's a good thing I had a preorder from Amazon several months ago, enjoying my console.
  4. plyer3

    Do a paper for money?

    How ironic, I'm reading this while I'm working on my powerpoint for Capstone project that's due in less than 12 hours....time to stop getting distracted and get back to it.
  5. plyer3

    Wtt ps4

    If you decide to sell one of the controllers then let me know how much.
  6. local guy here i see. I'm guessing it's locked to at&t?
  7. This is an off-contract phone, and wow so much for your blunt opinion. I would have to COMPLETELY disagree with you. An off contract android phone such as the Galaxy S4 costs just as much as the iPhone. I don't pay such a premium just to be different. I personally don't like the android, and yes I've used the Galaxy S4 when it first came out. Did you get your Droid DNA at contract price? If so then you have no right to throw those numbers around and comparing it to current pricing. I really don't understand why some people always have to come in and ask, "Why would you pay $500 when you can get it for $200?" Your answer is simply contract price.
  8. eh i really don't want to mess with trading and selling on cl. There's always some risk on eBay and cl, i try to avoid selling high value items on eBay. Was gonna get a 5s as a gift for gf. I already have a 64GB 5s myself.
  9. man, if only you had AT&T. I'd totally get one lol
  10. plyer3

    ARAI Corsair-V Helmet

    Looks like a really nice helmt, getting a bike soon and need a helmet but not sure if a newbie like me needs a $720 helmet... Any huge difference between this and the $200 helmets...besides the $300-500 price difference?
  11. pending sale for everything from a buyer
  12. Item(s) for Sale: 16' 4x Rockford Fosgate RCAs. 3 twisted and one purple (w remote wire) 4 gauge wires: 9.75' KnuKonceptz 4awg Power wire BLUE 7.1' KnuKonceptz Power Kable 4awg 2058 Strands OFC BLACK, feels pretty flexible. 5.7' KnuKonceptz KLMX Power w terminal ring at end GRAY/BLACK 10.7' 4awg Power wire, no name, CANDY RED 6.5' Stinger HPM Series 4AWG with terminal ring at end SILVER 16' Rockford Fosgate 4awg w end ring and 10" matching wire w end ring. 0 gauge wires: 16' Knu Power KLM Kable 0awg BLUE 19.6' Knu KLM Kable 0aawg w ring terminal at end SILVER Fuse holders, fuses, etc: 19 in. RED 4awg wire w ring terminal, fuse holder and 100amp fuse. CANDY RED 1'(12 in.) Knu KLX Kable 4awg w fuse holder and fuse (prob a 60amp). RED 1 fuse holder with no fuse 8 in. Knu Power Kable KLMX w 0awg fuse holder and 300amp fuse. BLUE 21 in. Knu Power Kable KLMX w end ring, fuse holder and 300amp fuse. BLUE 1 Knu Fuse holder with no fuse 4awg 8awg wires: 7' blue, not sure brand 10' of blue and red soldered together, not sure of brand. Others: wires, terminals, connectors, etc 9x of 0awg ring terminals but more than half are failed crimps 7x rubber boots for 0awg i believe 11x 4awg ring terminals, none of them have been used 7x 4awg rubber boots and 2x 8awg? boots 4x Impulse copper 0awg ring terminals 5x Impulse copper 6awg ring terminals and 1 unknown ring terminal in bag 1x Knu 0awg ring terminal 1x Knu 4awg ring terminal 2x unknown 0awg ring terminal boxes of speaker terminals, butt connectors, etc 1x speaker wires to RCA box 2x bundles of tiny speaker wires. WHITE RF remote wires on left of the pic with rcas should be over 16' lots of RF speaker wires but i don't think any are over 10' Item(s) Description/Condition: Everything should be in good working condition, some are new. Please refer to pics to get idea of condition. Lots of the black colorings such as on the knu 0awg wires are from black electrical tapes. I am getting out of car audio for now, and have sold most of my systems this past week on craigslist. These are left overs from previous installs, friends', etc Need to clean the house since it's on the market right now. Price: I'm not really sure, I haven't checked prices and won't have time to look up individual prices. I'll start out with $100 plus shipping for all. Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: Would like to keep everything together right now, I don't want to split them for now as too much time on my end. I already have house cleaning/selling, last year of school w tons of projects, and work to do. Taking everything out, selling them on cl, and putting these up on forums were already a big headache. Item Pictures: (List pictures in this section, 1st picture should be your username/date if you have less than 10 positive feedbacks with the i-Trader system or less than 10 references that you have sold to in the past. (These must be listed in your signature, or a link provided to a feedback thread listing these references)).
  13. plyer3

    White iPad 16g w/wifi for sale

    if you look at the pics then it shows a 30-pin connector and it has a camera in the rear so it should be an iPad 2.
  14. plyer3

    iPod Nano 16GB 5th Gen

    PM your paypal