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  1. imfrumthawest

    What's a good bandpass subwoofer?

  2. imfrumthawest

    What's a good bandpass subwoofer?

    i have a 2cuft. bandpass for a 12 sub in my truck and it sounds great. but the sub is a bullshit coustic. what other brands outhere would sound good in a bandpass cuz i know they don't all sound good.
  3. when i use them on your whorish mother. when i use them on your whorish mother. werd to your whorish mother.
  4. imfrumthawest

    Got My New Subs!!!!!

    Wowwie! that is hilarious! you know what would be great? if you left and never returned. take it easy. werd to your father.
  5. imfrumthawest

    dropped_mazda SCAMMER

    that's ****ed up. but i got some magic beans i can sell you bro, let me know. werd to your track record.
  6. wow that looks really good! it's just as good as buying better brakes and rotors. really. werd to your autozone needs.
  7. imfrumthawest

    Buck's first TL score

    why don't you open the doors while driving on the freeway, and then jump out?
  8. imfrumthawest

    Buck's first TL score

    your score sucks.
  9. imfrumthawest

    How loud can my sub go? Any signs?

    In a sealed I wouldnt worry about it. They're very forgiving. Word to your fathers mother.
  10. imfrumthawest

    2 new re sx 10d4' FT.

    Dd1508 for one of your tens
  11. imfrumthawest

    What is your "showoff" song?

    Dancing queen -mama mia
  12. imfrumthawest

    Blew my check yesterday! oh well..

    Performance huh? Baaahaaahhahahahahahahaahaaaa!!!!!!
  13. imfrumthawest

    Why did you ban me?

    ban this dumbfukk!
  14. imfrumthawest

    WTB 8" subwoofer(s)

    i got a dd1508 svc 4ohm and an 8" fosgate hx2 with custom spyders from my boy scott @ FI.
  15. imfrumthawest

    where can one find an acyrillic/plexiglass box?

    Why are you still alive?