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  1. Ridley

    JVC KD-AR8500 Reception Issue

    I'll have a look. Before I rip this thing apart.... are you aware of any problems with this model? The guy that checked the setup said there are problems with reception depending on which model you choose.
  2. Ridley

    JVC KD-AR8500 Reception Issue

    I drive a Dodge Neon. Would that have a power antenna? I had a guy check it out when I first had the issue and he said everything was hooked up correctly.
  3. Ridley

    JVC KD-AR8500 Reception Issue

    I've had this HU for a little over 6 months now and from day one I've had poor reception on the radio. I can never find my local channels and when I do, it cuts in and out. Is this a known problem with this model? Is there a way to fix this issue without taking it back or is it a defective unit? Thanks for the help!
  4. Ridley

    just a little story

    Def don't get out much. Pretty pathetic when people have to compete with eachother in the parking lot to see who spent more money. CONGRATS my friend. You will die in the future and all of this will be for nothing. The contest should be.... Look who is more deaf at the age of 50. Have fun with that one.
  5. I don't think this was picked at random.
  6. I ordered 3 rolls of Raammat and have more than a roll left after doing my complete car. Why the hell would I need more? lol Naw, I'm not really jealous. I would be if it was a huge pack, but you guys are probably getting this deal cause it is their smallest offering and probably defective.
  7. Don't be mad guys. It is just a stupid door pack. Barely enough to do a trunk with it. Can't believe I checked this **** thread 10 times a day for this.
  8. Ridley

    Project hannah

    Well sorry to Hannah. I didn't know the whole situation and now that I do, regret making the post. Sorry to all who got offended. You just never know with the internet. For all I know, the whole thing could be a scam. Just being cautious... From the look of things... it looks like I'm gonna be famous really soon. Oh boy, forum fame is amazing.
  9. Ridley

    Project hannah

    Good lord you guys are quick and enjoy using the quote function. It's like people don't know how to read the thread above.
  10. Ridley

    Project hannah

    I'm sorry... don't mean to be harsh... but isn't this all for the wrong reasons? I'm not sure who Hannah is and I'm sure she was awesome, but asking people to donate car audio parts because of her death sounds completely horrible. I can't even begin to imagine what kind of person you are to try to pull a stunt like this. I've lost loved ones too and I'm not going around asking people to give me money for it. Congrats to the people who feel for the cause, but I'm not too thrilled for the guy who will be benefiting off all of this. I'm sure Hannah isn't thrilled either. I'm not heartless. I just don't understand why someone would want to do this.
  11. Ridley

    New System... Thoughts?

    Just bought another porn site. Raven Riley never retired, she just joined my personal stash. I'm gonna buy Rainbow gear with this new money I just made.
  12. Ridley

    Speaker Issues (Possible Answer?)

    wow.... i just cannot get help with this crap... been DAYS too someone im me or something so you can walk me through setting my highs and lows.