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  1. cj407

    WTB-18" Ascendant Audio SMD

    dont think the smd would be woofer for you unless you plan on buying ho alt and a few batteries for the back and by that time all the trunk space will be taken up for the 5k+ amp and batteries to support it to run that sub. why not just a btl or mayhem?
  2. cj407

    **RetroAudioInc Possible scammer**

    dude has been in an out on here and flspl for the last 2 weeks for him to say he wasnt on in a month is untrue.
  3. I'M BACK....let the requests flow.
  4. cj407

    136.07 in paypal

    yes i was talking about bad4health. hence why i quoted his replies to make a point.
  5. cj407

    136.07 in paypal

    you were banned from SMD and there is a thread on caco about you being a shady shipper.
  6. cj407

    136.07 in paypal

    i didnt know scammers were allowed to post.
  7. nope i'm good...thats $63 dollars for a high powered motor that can be rebuilt into 2000 rms subs...thats like selling an hdc3 motor for 50

  8. i have $70 in my paypal if you would take that shipped for 1 motor. can be sent usps flat rate box...

  9. BNIB DB Drive PLW12 dual 2. but i'd need 100+shipping.
  10. i have 4 bnib db drive plw12d2's that i could let go for 500+shipping(i know higher than 400 but also higher quality and power handling). 1000 rms each.
  11. trade you the n3 for a set of bnib only taken out to test after shipment DB Drive PLW12d2's they are 1000rms and sound great.
  12. i say do the 2510s cuz they will handle more power than the l7's. 2500-4k all day > L7-3k pushing limits. You could step up to the 3500 series 5k all day you could throw at the 4 daily.
  13. cj407

    91 crx

    well when u post pics i may have people interested
  14. cj407

    91 crx

    they never made a 92 crx. 92 the crx was discontinued and the del sol came out
  15. I'm very interested in buying your stensom can you tell me how your payment plan works? Thanks