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  1. I've got 2 batteries.. moving up to 6 in a few months.. so to answer ur question... YES ! (if ur running one hella system)
  2. P.s.s. there were a "few" others that stayed on topic thank you too.. but majority... well lets say..um grow up
  3. Wow.. THANK YOU !! Someone here that is on topic with a bit knowledge and some ideas to add... Anyone else wanna keep on subject.?? And yes I sound p 'd off... cause look at my topic and my questions.. and look through at the crappy answers that I predicted in the beginning... OH AND IF YOU DON'T CARE.... THEN DONT POST... !!
  4. well... ummm i'd say majority of of us here DO... thats why we have subs... etc... oh and you saying stuff about rims like they dont matter on an electric car.. well umm ya see how far you go with 20s where 15'' original rims went...
  5. then get the f out of this forum topic
  6. Oh my... Like I said.. everyone is off topic... Audiophile this ... Don't buy the car that.... rims this that... Look I'm asking people here on Caraudio.com ... "IF THE FUTURE IS ELECTRIC... What ideas do you have in your mind on going about placing a stereo system that consumes a lot of POWER into it??" I metioned in my orig post... Everyone will get off subject and go banannas about how its not going to happen..etc ... That is why i inclued the link to Nissans website... Veg Oil this and that.. Electric is happening!! Hybrids first then the LEAF and on and on...
  7. Once again... here we are debating weather or not electric is going to happen.... but if you would please look at the link I posted, it shows a large car manufacturer NISSAN is going to mass produce them THIS YEAR in the USA. Others will follow.... now to stay on topic.... What do we plan to do.... add more batteries to theirs? Add our own charging devices? etc?
  8. Still... Once things head to what... about 10 yrs from now... and things are looking electric... what do we do? and...uh.. ya... I wouldn't buy that golf cart... so dont worry... i'll drive the gass guzzlin SUV...
  9. There's been lots of these posts discussing new types of cars and weather they are going to run on biodiesel....solar..etc.... I have even posted on here. My thought was ELECTRIC CARS... its the best alternative to gas cars etc.... Well everyone was like "they aren't going to be the alternative" and everyone had their own opinion... Well N E WAYS.. the topic I was discussing was ... if We go Electric... What happens to us Battery Guzzling Audiophiles...??? Well instead of replying back once again... that "Electric will never happen"...... Welll Its here and its happening.... ON A MUCH WIDER SCALE THEN EVER BEFORE !! Check this out .... ====> Nissan LEAF Electric Car | Nissan USA Official Site What do you think...??? We go this direction... cool right? But what happens to our 20'' and up rims... our 2000w Amps... Our eardrums will just have to get used to crappy stereos???
  10. 1000101

    NEW RAP/ROCK Songs --- Hit Hard !

    I'm going to Breaking Benjamins Concert on Fri !!!
  11. 1000101

    NEW RAP/ROCK Songs --- Hit Hard !

    Good Choices.. they r def added to list
  12. Looking to have people submit new Rap/Hip-Hop Songs and Rock Songs (Including Remixes) That are NEW and are very Easy to Replay more than 1 time. I'm trying to make a Rock and a Rap mixtape to listen to when I drive across the country tomorrow. Also If you want .. add some good old songs that hit hard in the 35 htz range for me to bump to. I'm driving from Washington State to Indiana/Kentucky. I will update the list as it populates... I know people have already done this many times.. but I stress NEW.. so that no only do I get the songs for a mixtape ... SO DO YOU !!! RAP/HIP-HOP: 1) Lil Wayne - Drop the World 2)Juelz Santana - Home Run 3)Jay - Empire State of Mind 4)Young Jeezy - Put On 5)Young Jeezy - Late Night Tip 6)UGK - Murder 7)Young Jeezy - My Hood 8)Young Jeezy - Ya Dig 9)Young Jeezy - Hypnotize 10)Young Jeezy - Turn My Swag On 11) 12) 13) 14) 15) Rock/Metal: 1) Breaking Benjamins - Anthem of the Angels 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10) 11) 12) 13) 14) 15)
  13. 1000101

    FS: 22" Rims and Tires

    I can go 800 plus shipping.... lemme know..pm !