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  1. id take it out and reinstall it the correct way. then go from there
  2. NT_Hardcore

    Tenny altnator?

    im more concerned with the output than looks. i havent used one of his brackets yet. but he is making one for a dual alt set up on a 2010 challenger. ill comment when i have it-
  3. NT_Hardcore

    Tenny altnator?

    iv used and installed them. great product.
  4. NT_Hardcore

    whats the big craze with pa drivers?

    its a ll in the tuning
  5. pb 3xl ftw. even if you can only afford one
  6. lanzar is a tricky company. the older opti subs were decent. the newer ones not so much. most of the amps are so so. the opti line of amps does good tho. so its a toss up. new opti sub meh, older opti sub go for it
  7. its the age old "my boy breaks other cars windshield" syndrome lol
  8. i did as well. but i caught on quick to who was winning events and wanted to learn what they knew. alot of the info in here is spot on, but OP isnt going to listen. ---------- Post added at 02:53 PM ---------- Previous post was at 02:52 PM ---------- its a lot more fun while at work lol
  9. i am one of those ppl. but you wouldnt know unless you knew me. my point was anyone can say they build subs/enclosures ect ect ect. but no proof is provided. its silly to assume that going to a car audio forum equals everyone being a "pro". i do agree when every post is telling you that your doing it wrong, 9.9 times out of 10 you prob. are-
  10. to be fair where are the member credentials listed on here? anyone can type some ish into a sig and feel good online. jus sayin-
  11. i actually stated iv installed 2 of the 12" version. so were not all talking out the side of our necks-
  12. NT_Hardcore

    S10 Blazer, Box for 2 15's

    yes. you can port to the back. subs up. no issues
  13. more than likely yes. these are not anywhere near the same lvl as a quality built sub designed to do what we expect it to do
  14. is there better out? yes. can these sound decent. yes. we did a build for 2 12 boss phantoms (customer already had them) and the sounded good in a proper enclosure. i do not recall how much power he had tho. it wasnt much-