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  1. Your looking at this compleatly wrong. HIGH level input are for speaker level signal. LOW level is for RCA. then just tune by ear and your fine.
  2. Eddie Havok

    Tweeter suggestions?

    PM me with details.
  3. Eddie Havok

    Tweeter suggestions?

    Can't use same crossovers, they were 12db 2500h, witch is too low of a crossover point. I thinks thats why the tweeters blew in the first place. I was running them active crossed at 3300 with no issues for a year prior.
  4. Eddie Havok

    Tweeter suggestions?

    Blew my tweeters (soundstream tw2.2) today and would like some suggestions for new ones. Mids are pwx 6.5's off a arcaudio 300.2 Would like to use 1" tweeters or smaller so 1 can use my current mounting locations, or will reglass sail panels if they are a little bigger. Also running them off headunit, so must have passive crossover and get loud enough on 20w.
  5. Looking for some assistance with a box design for 2x AQ 10" SDC2.5. looking to be as loud as possible, as im use to having 18's in my car. New car is very small and can't fit more then 2 10's. Length: 36" MAX Height : 17" MAX Depth 14" Aero or slot/kerf port is fine.
  6. Eddie Havok

    FS 2 Treo SSX 12.22's

  7. Eddie Havok

    anyone in NYC area with a meter?

    will do, thanks guys
  8. anyone have, or know of anyone with a meter? even a shop that has one would be good
  9. Eddie Havok

    8" Flared Ports for sale

    can you do 10" flares?
  10. Eddie Havok

    clamping audiopipe 3000D

    the ap1500's are 1ohm stable actually. ap3k is 2ohm stable bridged.
  11. PM your zip, and i will have to find the gaskets. i have them somewhere.
  12. i do somewhere, lol. just emptied the whole car a few days ago, want to try to squeeze in a bigger box for the ns v2's i'll look for some for ya though