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  1. dacheatham


    I knew that ride looked familiar. I have the Silver Durango with the wolfram equipment.
  2. dacheatham

    Taramps HD3000 for $179

    Should I order 3 of these to go with 3 SQ HDX 15s??
  3. dacheatham

    2 Soundqubed HDX3 12s D2s $300

    I am interested in these. I need 4 and heard a rumor they may be on special Cyber Monday. If so maybe I could get two there as well. I will let you know.
  4. dacheatham

    Getting ready...Wolfram audio

    As another update..I had clamped 6748 out of the (2) 3ks strapped at 1. Not sure what I was rising to. The clamp meter was down at the show this weekend so not sure what the 4500s were doing. Probably 9k or so.
  5. dacheatham

    Getting ready...Wolfram audio

    Some testing today. SSF roll-off was holding them back at 30hz. But better safe than sorry there.
  6. dacheatham

    Getting ready...Wolfram audio

    Actually still looks the same. The 4500 and 3000 are almost identical in size. The 4500 just weighs a lot more.
  7. dacheatham

    Getting ready...Wolfram audio

    Have not updated this in a while. Have gone through some different sub and amp combos this season. Currently running 2 Wolfram 4500.1s strapped at 1 ohm on a pair of Sundown U 15s with zv coils and Nightshade spiders. Pulled a 154.5 today at 44hz.
  8. dacheatham

    FS - Soundqubed HDX3 12" D2

    How did you like it? Been thinking about a few of the 15s. Good luck with the sale. Great price.
  9. dacheatham

    Ampere 7500 owners..

    Anyone have experience with the Ampere 7500? I am thinking of picking one up but have heard about some issues with pieces in the board coming loose. I can get a DD M5 for around $100 more...seems to be close to the same power...Ampere edging it out some.
  10. dacheatham

    Taramps HD15000

    Where are you located at?
  11. dacheatham

    Pioneer DEH-80Prs

    I will take it.
  12. dacheatham

    Pioneer DEH-80Prs

    I will take it.
  13. dacheatham

    My first real system

    Amen on the lithium and caps. I have a 370a alt, 80ah limitless and XS Cap bank. I can hold high 13s (start 14.2) on around 8k.