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  1. dacheatham

    Pioneer DEH-80Prs

    I will take it.
  2. dacheatham

    Pioneer DEH-80Prs

    I will take it.
  3. dacheatham

    My first real system

    Amen on the lithium and caps. I have a 370a alt, 80ah limitless and XS Cap bank. I can hold high 13s (start 14.2) on around 8k.
  4. dacheatham

    drop HZ on a box?

    I have a pair of U15s and have tried them in a ~8cf box and a 6cf box. They were much louder and impactful in the 6cft box. I had around 3k on each and it was a little much. I would stick to 2k in a larger box, especially if you tune low. The U does share some tech with the X but Sundown is pretty explicit when they state it it is not one of the new “low” platform. It is much more like an upgraded SA. That is why they recommend tuning in the mid 30s. Why not go with the X 15s? It looks like the box size would work
  5. dacheatham

    3 subwoofer wiring help

    I have 2 of the Wolfram 3ks. They handle 0.5 just fine, never get hot or have any issues. If you took out Colin’s extended warranty he will replace it no matter what impedance you ran it at.
  6. dacheatham

    Got a new toy today...

    This little car drives surprisingly well considering its age. The brakes are a little soft but that’s the only mechanical issue I have noticed. She starts up and runs just fine. The guy selling it lived around 2 hours away. I have him $100 to drive to me. Saved me the 4 hour round trip and gas; more importantly, showed me she was roadworthy. The system has not been kind to my Durango. I have lost panels, vents and scrapped the bracket for the lift gate locking mechanism. This little car is more of an investment into not messing the Durango up anymore. The Durnago’s best is a 150.9. That was with the Wolfram subs and amps at 2ohm strapped. My Level 5s are significantly louder at 1ohm strapped. I will work on making the switch over the winter.
  7. dacheatham

    Got a new toy today...

    And fabbing up a bracket to fit a GM alt is not out of the question
  8. dacheatham

    Got a new toy today...

    Or maybe i could use the 80ah limitless I already have??
  9. dacheatham

    Got a new toy today...

    1985 Tercel. Only 141k miles. Got it on the cheap!
  10. dacheatham

    High Quality Bass Music

    The last onedrive link you shared in this thread. Says not valid any More
  11. dacheatham

    High Quality Bass Music

    Anyone have a working link to this?
  12. dacheatham

    Which vehicle for a build?

    After a few months of bass my Durango is starting to fall apart. Rather than chalk it up as a full blown stereo rig yet and I am getting tired of the wife complaining about the various pieces that have fallen off or broken. So I am in the market for a project to build. Both of these vehicles are local to me. The Focus is an 02, 150k miles and good condition mechanically and cosmetically. The Tracker is a 96, around 200k, good mechanically but kinda rough cosmetically. From the research I have done it seems parts and work on the Geo may be a little more sparse and difficult. I currently have two Sundown U15s and am looking to add a 3rd. These would be ran off 6k or so. Limitless 80ah battery, XS Power Cap Bank and a new alternator on either one. Whuch gets your vote?
  13. So I just got my new box loaded up and wired. When I would turn the bass knob up the amps would go into protect. Equipment is 2 Sundown U15s d4 and 2 Wolfram 3000.1 strapped at 1 ohm. I have a 4 spot SMD terminal and my buddy helping me originally had everything parallel at the SMD terminals And then then Amp + to the + on speaker 2 vc1 and the amp - to the - on speaker 1 vc 2. I switched the Amp + to Speaker 1 VC 2 so the leads from the amps were going to the same VC on the same sub. After doing this it stopped going into protect. With everything wired in parallel should this have made a difference?
  14. dacheatham

    JBL or Infinity subs

    ---------- Post added at 07:57 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:57 PM ---------- [/color]Got ya.
  15. dacheatham

    JBL or Infinity subs

    If you are determined to get those pieces, one amp at 2 ohms would probably make more sense than 2 amps at 4ohms. Probably not with $600 to have a second amp. Use that money on box and battery, or upgraded door speakers with an Amp.