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  1. Adamsauve

    Subs go crazy after car shuts off

    I remember about 10 years ago my buddy had to use one of those channel out converters to be able to use his OEM headunit and it did the same thing. I admit I have no idea why it did this, but I borrow his car one time and just shut the car off and it did the same thing, just made a huge random noise. He said the speakers in his car continue to have power after the car is off. Either way, he added a basic toggle switch to his remote wire, and installed it in a coin hideaway storage under his steering wheel. I have since installed a toggle onto my remote wire just because it's a very convenient way to just turn off the system. As to whether or not it's healthy for your amp, I don't know. I've had the same amp now for 5 years with no issues. But if it was the only way I could use my system, I would try that.
  2. I have never added a subwoofer like this before.. I seen it on crutchfield, because they spam my email daily and I just decided to see if anything new and cool was out.. Anyway, I seen this box https://www.crutchfield.com/p_13694278/JL-Audio-Stealthbox.html and wanted to know a couple things.. 1 does adding a downward facing sub onto two that are already top facing, present any weird problems? 2 my wires would have to be about 3 foot long from sub to sub, would that cause any problems?