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  1. both may be pending waiting to see i will keep you guys posted
  2. jonesy

    Wtb 8" Subs!!!

    im sure you have no interest but i have 2 nib CDT Audiophile 8s
  3. really looking for masks hoppers and all other accessories think i have the markers but lmk what you have who knows i may want another marker lol
  4. audiopipe is pending to lorilee8284 i will keep you guys posted but remember i still have a pair of massive amps up in the wtt thread check it out
  5. ttt still looking keep the offers coming
  6. so far i am interested in the mini and the ion so get back to me guys lets see if we can work it out
  7. This amp is still brand new guys never seen power. I have been getting a lot Of people asking of its new or used so this shall clear up the confusion