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  1. Can someone tell me what's going on lol


    1. ciaonzo


      Welcome back, Buck. It's a shiny utopia filled with bubbles and happiness, lol.

  2. I've done it multiple times, I specifically did that for a reason.
  3. I really just prefer a table saw. That beats everything.
  4. I did it free hand with a circular saw lol. I don't personally have a lot of tools but I at least got a couple of clamps to use from dude so that's one of the most important things. This little thing should rock.
  5. Buck

    Help with box size

    I can design you a box if you have someone to build it.
  6. Here's the 8 8's t-line of the same variety
  7. I can design a box for you if you want me to
  8. Buck

    Can’t find box specs!

    BBP 6 ***** to use, it's the most unfriendly user interface, IMO. I've used it in the past but BLEH
  9. Hole was cut with a jig saw.
  10. I cut these pieces with a circular saw on some dude's back porch and assembled it with very limited tools. Turned out well. Box is for a DC level 3 15. It's @ 33 hz. Paint on the box is still being decided on, waiting for the sub to get here. Amp is a cheaper 2 channel for now, will upgrade to a monoblock in the future. This isn't my box, a friend's box, it is.
  11. I would do .75-1 cube a piece, probably more like .75. These work decently in a t-line too, there's a build of 8 of them that I designed on here somewhere, JLjunkie's build.
  12. Buck

    Can’t find box specs!

    I think 1.75-2 cubes more than likely. Just tune to 30-35 hz, just wherever you want it to be really.
  13. So are you running a factory head unit?