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  1. BlueSi4

    New Civic Si

    New wheels...
  2. BlueSi4

    What else do I need for my system?

    All your parts for the system seem good, i was thinking on getting Type-R's myself to improve on the Type-E i got now, Alpine makes good quality products. As far as getting it installed, i had some bad experiences with Best Buy and Ciruit City, so i wouldn't go and get it installed there unless you know the guy that will be installing it for you. They tend to go the cheap/fast way on the installs, and i've seen some shitty jobs done by them, such as drilling through the firewall and leaving the opening without a grommet, then finding water inside the car due to the hole, but that would be a whole new thread. I would suggest trying to do everything yourself, read up on it and maybe have a friend that knows something about audio installs help you. You could always take the car to have it installed somewhere, but if you don't do it yourself first, you won't know how hard it is to do it.
  3. Wow nice, thank you! I believe the trunk on my Civic though is a bit bigger, especially since it's a sedan. I will measure the trunk tonight.
  4. BlueSi4

    New Civic Si

    Yes the Si is 5 lugs, the older models were 4 lugs.
  5. Yes, i believe it's only 2005+ on certain models, 2006+ on the rest if i'm not mistaken. But it's pretty much up to the dealer to decide if they want to do it or not. Now back to helping me build the box haha
  6. BlueSi4

    New Civic Si

    Posted in that section already, got only one answer and he said i shouldn't do it haha.
  7. Yes, the world famous 3rd gear grind. I experience it pretty much in cold starts, and they actually have a recall for a few Honda/Acura models to replace 3rd gear so the problem goes away.
  8. Well that's why i signed up, so i could learn everything that i could about building my own box. The problem i have is that the boxes i've seen around, i don't like them, they are either too small or i don't like the way they look. I've been reading up a lot on fiberglassing and threads on custom builds, so before i attempt anything i'm doing a lot of research. If anyone has any positive comments or help that they can offer, it would be appreciated!
  9. BlueSi4

    New Civic Si

    Thank you, hopefully all of you can help me build the box i've wanted for a while. I will start taking measurements and such soon and posting my designs
  10. I've been looking to build a custom box for my Si Sedan for a few weeks now. I thought I had it all figured out until yesterday i spoke to a few people that have some knowledge of the whole car audio box building. I thought I could build a box any way i wanted and as big as i wanted and it would work, but yesterday i was hit with reality (**** noob lol). So now i come here for some help and guidance. I currently have 2 10" Alpine Type-E with a standard, cheap box that i got at best buy. Now this summer i'm planning on building my own custom box that will host the 2 subs (not sure if i want to stick with the 10" or go for 12" type-r subs), 2 amps, 2 capacitors and 2-6.5 speakers. I want the box to take about 1/2 the space available in the trunk. My plan is to mount the subs on the sides, with the amps and capacitors in the middle, and not sure about where i would mount the 2 6.5 speakers. I'm waiting for the car to come back from the shop so i can measure the size of the trunk and the available space i have. I'm planning on building the box mostly out of MDF and finish it up with fiberglass. So guys, any help you can provide me, that would be awesome!
  11. BlueSi4

    New Civic Si

    I'm already there...BlueSi4 haha