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  1. I used Mechman complete garbage! I agree with slim2fattycake I had the exact same problem. Had it repaired, then maybe 2 months later crapped out again. I'm currently waiting on my DC Power alt. Oh and yes I did the Big 3 long before I put it in and currently running the same power on stock and no signs of it failing.
  2. clouduz

    bad alternator?

    well you could always do the real easy test, take it to autozone or similar and have them test it and the battery.
  3. clouduz

    D3100 or odyssey 2150

    no experience with the 2150 but I know by PERSONAL EXPERIENCE the D3100 is a beast! Can't go wrong with it
  4. clouduz

    Hooked up the new GTO14001!!!

    **** that was.....pointless....could have posted pics or what's so awesome about it
  5. clouduz

    is it my battery ?

    yeah don't take measurements with it turned up. Turn it up to maybe 5 or so check voltage at idle. Then turn on headlights and also check voltage.
  6. What gauge wire did you use to hookup the HO Alt?
  7. clouduz

    HDC3 A tuned to 50hz

    your best bet is to make 2 boxes. One for daily 35-40. and your spl at 50, trust me at 50 you won't be picking up much low notes
  8. clouduz

    Sundown Z15 v.2 Producton Unit - First One

    sundown never disappoints
  9. clouduz

    Sundown 3000d vs. XXColossus 3200d

    what size alt you have? You might not have enough power to run at.5
  10. what's your budget and what are you looking to get out of the system?
  11. clouduz

    wall socketed lvl4xl video

    **** not bad taking it that long!
  12. clouduz

    The Arrival of Two DC Audio 15" Level 4XL *PICS* RED

    can't wait to seem em' in action. I know my 1 15" lvl4XL gets down!
  13. It goes on wire length, as long as your under 20 feet 12g 14 at the smallest would work. Wire (speaker) is so cheap I would do 12.
  14. clouduz

    Oh shat. FI BL vs AQ HDC3

    not sure about the fi bl (no experience) but i know the hdc will get down and be stupid loud. From what I read on the forums the hdc is more comparable to the btl line
  15. don't forget not to let voltage drop that low anymore! I think anything under 12.5 volts is too low. IF you plan on adding another amp (bigger or second) in the future I'd go 0 gauge. If you think you'll keep this for a long time do 4 gauge. But remember it's better to do it right the first time, so I'd do 0 gauge although for your application it's overkill, you'll be fine with 4 gauge.