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  1. Crimson Boom

    Received Two 12" Audiobahn Eternals

    Nevermind, I think it was the early immortals that were DD designed.
  2. Crimson Boom

    Received Two 12" Audiobahn Eternals

    The 06 models I believe. Are these the POS Eternals or the DD designed ones? What to do with them?
  3. Crimson Boom

    WTB: cheap 4ohm 10"

    How would it compare to an RE SE 10?(which I blew being a noob... which is strange because I ran bullshit Sony Xlpods for YEARS and they didn't blow)
  4. Crimson Boom

    WTB: cheap 4ohm 10"

    Whats the model number and specs on that Xsite? ---------- Post added at 03:58 AM ---------- Previous post was at 03:57 AM ---------- nevermind, looked at your sale thread
  5. cheap meaning 40 or less. What ya'll got?
  6. Crimson Boom

    marcothecleptos 8 12s sealed build log

    I knew it was going in a caprice or something of the like before anyone asked what it was going in.
  7. JL is quality product IMO and I'm personally not even a fan. The pricetag is only part of the hype. If it was a COMPLETELY bad product it wouldn't get ridden the way it does.
  8. 9 times out of 10 a JL dickrider is usually the first to claim its the loudest out
  9. Crimson Boom

    DD's in an Audi TT

    If there were no pics I'm sure this would have been 10+ pages by now
  10. Crimson Boom

    WTB: 2 low priced 12s

    ttt still looking, my pricerange is 200 or less shipped
  11. that work with an amp that puts out 500rms @ 2 ohms. Possibly with a box
  12. Crimson Boom

    2001 mustang gt build

    PS2 slim? its 2011 otherwise nice build, and its fine with an auto, its not like he's driving an RSX or RX8 which both NEED the manual to have any kind of power
  13. Crimson Boom

    06 BMW M3 Audio Buildup

    Not every M3 Driver has to be a SQueer.
  14. Crimson Boom

    anyone here drive a 5th generation Maxima?

    I have one, and when I get my subs in I'm just gonna fold the back seats down, passengers be ****ed
  15. Crimson Boom

    who says 2-300 watts cant flex?

    Jeez the hate is strong on here.