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    I AM CRAZY FUN COOL i like car audio and my car alot i also love having good sex and ahhh what else anything fun as hell
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    Robert Rincon
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    Trying to build up my mids and highs for next season ! something big hopefully
  1. kovemaster559

    WTT re audio mx 18's for smaller subs

  2. im willing to trade my 2 mx dual 2s 18s for something smaller i just got a truck so im looking for 10 or 12s let me know what u got looking for trade plus maybe some cash i cant get pics right now but my credability speaks for it self . im currently at ft riley KS but my subs are in cali so if your in cali its worth the drive LMK i can ship but they are heavy as hell lmk
  3. kovemaster559

    WTB: Two 18's that can take 4k

    I got 2 re mx 18s lmk if interested
  4. kovemaster559

    WTB: 1000-1200w @ 1ohm

    i got 2 hyp1200.1 both are modded and strappable lmk if interested i wanna get rid of both so ill cut u a deal
  5. looking for the audio control epic 160. if u got one i want one lmk
  6. kovemaster559

    Wtb 600wrms Monoblock Amp

    got a ampthat is very universal it does 600 to 1200 lmk if interested its a hypnotic hyp1200.1d ill give u a deal if u want 2
  7. kovemaster559

    500-700w @2 ohms

    I got two hypnotic amp they are strapable do a hair bit more but are .5 stable lmk f interested pm me
  8. i got two hyp1200.1 they are mode by hypnotic audio they are very nice amps pm me for price ill hook u up or text me 559 4769648 -rob
  9. kovemaster559

    Wtt. Air Ride Set Up For Audio

    yeah but air struts are weird i tried to get cylinders but it worked great with baggs.
  10. kovemaster559

    Wtb Amp <$100

    kicker 750.1
  11. kovemaster559

    Wtt. Air Ride Set Up For Audio

    bump id like cash make a reasonable offer