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  1. ryanj91

    Which subwoofer?

  2. ryanj91

    Fi and Image Dynamics

    i can get an almost new idmax for 250 shipped
  3. ryanj91

    Fi and Image Dynamics

    I've searched and read up on both of these woofers quite a bit but can't decide which one i want... I understand that the Fi Q will get louder than an IDMax but how much louder? Is it a decent amount or barely noticeable and not worth the loss in SQ? Ryan edit: i already have an AQ1200d which will be powering the subs
  4. ryanj91

    Installer needed

    Does anybody have any experience with Ultimate Audio in Ocala? If not, who do you guys recommend around the Ocala/Tampa area
  5. ryanj91

    need a box builder

    from the central florida area. Not just a plain box but one that custom fits my trunk. If anyone knows some good car audio shops that can do this it would help a lot
  6. thanks man, i cant wait to get everything in :crazy:
  7. 9887 came in today so now im waitin for the dash kit to come back. Everything should get installed this weekend
  8. no, i paid with debit more bad/good news i opened up the dash kit to look at it and some of the plastic tabs were broken off. so i called crutchfield and they are sending me a new one no questions asked. i dont even need to send the old one back!!
  9. Update: Checked the tracking number for my headunit... It is being held up at the brooklyn center for some reason. so now i have to call the place i bought it from and have them see whats wrong :crap:
  10. sounds good. when would you guys be heading over? it may be week or 2 before it gets finished
  11. ill pm you the dimensions tomorrow
  12. im about an hour and a half north of tampa
  13. thanks guys. just waitin for the head unit and ill start
  14. eh, im not really lookin to put up big numbers. Just somethin that seems loud and sounds good to me
  15. thanks man, where in FL are you