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  1. shizzzon

    What brands do people like for subwoofer?

    Fanatics Bass. Nothing like it because all soft parts are built in house and also hold several World Records in DbDrag.
  2. shizzzon

    Paid vendor area?

    Bump. Can someone explain what happened to the site as well? its completely different but i've been reading over the membership $40/mo and need clarification of something- saying members would have their own store. Is this like a real store or just the rights to a forum to sell stuff in topics?
  3. shizzzon

    Taramps Brazilian Style Mess

    America is not the capital of car audio... off by a long shot. America's car audio competition sport is small compared to Russia and especially Brazil. We've been in business for 8 years and see internationally how things are from our perspective. Even our sales dictate this as well.
  4. shizzzon

    Taramps Brazilian Style Mess

    We are subwoofer company. Not woofer company only.
  5. shizzzon

    Taramps Brazilian Style Mess

    Then you need TO ONLY LISTEN AND FOLLOW us. Fanatics Bass Audio is from Brazil and has been proven to be one of the loudest subwoofer companies in the world and we are coming for the rest of the records soon! The loudest spl recorded is from brazil. We are the king of SPL in every way shape and form and we import it into the USA.
  6. Send it to us, we'll test it here and get you true efficiency readings along with graphing, etc.. IVe never seen nor would accept an amp would increase efficiency with lower resistance. I'd be interested in debunking the results.
  7. shizzzon

    Best dsp

    We have 3 channel DSPs on clearance right now. MAP at $214 but on sale for $115 shipped! Here it is- Processador DX3 EVO | JFA Eletrônicos
  8. shizzzon

    Voltmeter Recommendations

    Taramp's VTR-1000 AJK Sound Remote Control SPL-Lab SMART Volt We are about to get even more voltmeters in soon for the US market which include- AJK Sound Nano Volt AJK Sound Remote 2018 JFA Volt Sequencer It all depends on what you want in a voltmeter.
  9. shizzzon

    Wtb 1200-1500rms amp

    We have something at wholesale if you clear your PMs.
  10. shizzzon

    Amp recommendation (~1600 Watts @ 2 Ohms)

    And we have them on sale cheaper than anything mentioned here so far.
  11. shizzzon

    Taramps Brazilian Style Mess

    Not subs, mids. They use mids for external music and subs for internal music. We import many brands out of Brazil and know the scene environment well.
  12. shizzzon

    PSI Stage 5 for next subs?

    One of the groups we created here- https://www.facebook.com/groups/1843533362553597/ MAP is as follows- 400w- 8"- $219 450w- 12"- $269 850w- 12"- $399 15"- $419 1600w- 12"- $584 15"- $599 3000w- 12"- $869 15"- $889 18" OS- $959 5000w N52- 12"- $1679 15"- $1699 18" OS- $1799 MidBass- 1500w- 12"- $344 15"- $374 18" OS- $419
  13. shizzzon

    PSI Stage 5 for next subs?

    This is because we are mostly active on facebook. Within the first 2 years of opening, we already set 7 World Records in DbDrag. We are looking to overtake the loudest World Records soon. We do not use any off the shelf parts except for the magnet(s). Everything else is custom tooled and manufactured in house so nobody copies us nor we copy anyone else.
  14. shizzzon

    PSI Stage 5 for next subs?

    Or Fanatic Bass 18s? (they are larger than others)
  15. shizzzon

    Bye Bye Twisted Sounds

    Not a deal at all, lol.. We are ridding Alphard DB-4000s for $545 shipped and that comes with full warranty. Also, put Soundigital on the list as companies to fade from buyers too. They screwed over a lot of people the last several months as usual and now many are seeing their products fail left and right and they are voiding everyone's warranties because they "Wire below 1ohm", lol. I cant say it enough we warned people 2yrs ago but we are looked at as biased because we deal with taramps.. We know the brazilian market.. We just aren't allowed to publicly say how we know. Big shop had them dropped in Indiana and they are also trying to educate users to stay away from them. SD Threatened us few months back, lol.. Cant say about what but it's the same typical SD from back in the early 2000s we still see.