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  1. Redlineaudio

    Phoenix Gold Ti21600.5 SD1300.5

    Hey, I have a an SD 1300.5, the fan makes some noise when it starts up but it is fine after one minute.
  2. Redlineaudio

    Enclosure Needed in NC

    This guy is in Gastona and does good work. https://www.facebook.com/joey.cloninger.9?fref=ts&ref=br_tf
  3. Redlineaudio

    Getting frustrated

    It happens, We get them bad out of the box sometimes.
  4. The DD VO Stuff can be ordered with a marine Treatment.
  5. Redlineaudio

    Digital Designs M.80

    That is dang hard to pass up.
  6. Redlineaudio

    choice for 0-$350 Bass headphones

    DD Audio has a nice set headphones and Ear buds. DXB-03 | DD Audio
  7. Redlineaudio

    Digital Designs M.80

    Great amps.
  8. Redlineaudio

    DD sub, TC sounds motor and basket

    The LEM06 is a great little setup. We have one in my wifes Yaris and she loves it.
  9. Redlineaudio

    Soundstream dealers?

    I can get some of it. What are you looking for. Pm maybe Best.
  10. Redlineaudio

    Digital Designs DDA's 6 1/2 Set

    Cleaned out the inbox. will PM you.
  11. Redlineaudio

    Digital Designs DDA's 6 1/2 Set

    I have a car with 8 510's right now. so would have to pass on that trade.
  12. Redlineaudio

    Digital Designs DDA's 6 1/2 Set

    Nothing in petectual Just stuff. I like Old sony ES amps, and RF amps. DD equipment. And cash. I have a good offer pending right now.
  13. Redlineaudio

    Good 6.5" or 6.75" Component Set for Around $170 or Less

    I run a Set of PG Ti's in my car and The Ti2's in my truck. Both sound great, the 2's are just a bit smoother.
  14. Item(s) for Sale: Digital Designs DDA's 6 1/2 Tweets Crossovers, and grills Item(s) Description/Condition: Used in Great shape, DD no longer sales the Crossovers with these. AW6.5 | DD Audio AT28 | DD Audio Price: $250 OBO open to trade Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: Buyer to pay shipping Item Pictures: (List pictures in this section, 1st picture should be your username/date if you have less than 10 positive feedbacks with the i-Trader system or less than 10 references that you have sold to in the past. (These must be listed in your signature, or a link provided to a feedback thread listing these references)). [ATTACH=CONFIG]26545830[/ATTACH]
  15. Redlineaudio

    Dead Memphis MCH amps

    Back up