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  1. Innovative:Cory

    Deaden doors even with woofer?

    Yes... if you are going to use aftermarket drivers in a factory location, you should add deadner. If not just keep to the factory speakers.
  2. Innovative:Cory

    porsche cayenne alt upgrade

    Another company that makes very good high output alternators is Motor City Reman. When I owned my 12volt store I would use them instead of all of the "normal" places due to the fact that: a) the untis were more cost effective, b) they build a **** good product, and c) their customer support is amazing. I looked at their website Motor City Reman - High Performance Starters and High Amp/High Output Alternators to see if they have a unit for your Porsche, it states to give them a call. They also offer lifetime warranty on their products and usually ship for free. Hope this helps. And by the way, we purchased over 100 units from this company and never had a failure....
  3. Innovative:Cory

    Need Amp Help

    Check your ground first, if you do not have a good ground the amplifier can be looking for ground along the RCA path. If that doesn't do it, try changing to a different speaker, to see if scratchy-ness continues. If it does continue and you can eliminate the speaker, try changing RCA input by swapping to a different output on your radio. If it STILL continues it would be something inside the amp itself.
  4. Innovative:Cory

    underground subwoofer companies?

    I am an SQ competitor...but you could have seen me at Dennis's shows last summer...I was in the Green 300zx twin turbo... I also judged his sq one time for him as well...come to think of it..I also drove my Mitsubishi Eclipse there as well... but yeah I think I remember a kid with an escape. I used to be the owner/head installer of Innovative Car Audio but left for a career in health care. Cory
  5. Innovative:Cory

    underground subwoofer companies?

    I second the Crank Doctor brand....very underground and very good! I have held the subs in my hands, very good built quality..Very musical, and can get VERY loud! A shop named Innovative Car Audio in Evansville, Indiana sells them already...812-423-7888 and ask for Chase or Brad
  6. Innovative:Cory

    How to strengthen pre-fab sub box

    Anything you do will be more or less just a band-aid. The enclosure is VERY important! But... polyster resin, or anything that you can use to make it as air tight as possible will help. Dowel rods (3/4"-1") will help as well.
  7. Innovative:Cory

    Focal Utopia 4w2 drivers

    PM sent
  8. Innovative:Cory

    MECA World Finals Oct. 3-4

  9. Innovative:Cory

    Bought a 300zx today

    Yeah ...your way can burn a car down.... Im not trying to be a dick here, but doing it halfassed is still halfassed... There are tons of what if's and different scenarios that I could point out that maybe you would understand that the way you said to do it isn't going to work...and be SAFE!... key word... Like I said...Not trying to be a dick...but if you are going to do it, its always worth doing it right the first time...
  10. Innovative:Cory

    Bought a 300zx today

    See posts above your last one....
  11. Innovative:Cory

    Bought a 300zx today

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^DONT DO THIS^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Battery is in the same location on both body styles, Z31 and Z32
  12. Innovative:Cory

    Bought a 300zx today

    Z32's and Z31's... go to the passenger floor board, remove carpet, unbolt ecu...there is a grommet you can pass wire into engine compartment right there... Z31's have 6.5"s all the way around Z32's have 4" front, and 6.5" in back with the Bose system... Clarion Active is 6.5"s all the way around... Bose also gives you a center channel.... I have done 2 tens, 2 twelves, 2 fifteens, 4 tens... 3 tens... all sound good in them and get loud! Want any more help on these cars, just ask...I have had the pleasure of owning an 84 50th, 2 85 NA's, an 86 Turbo, and a 93 Twin... so just ask
  13. Innovative:Cory

    Hypnotic z1250.1 monoblock amp do rated power?

    Hypnotic amps ( the older ones in particular) are not bad for the money... However its not a 1200 Watt RMS amp... 2x20@12.6v=504@100% Efficiency.... In theory if pulls twice the current that the fuses is capable of holding (80a) then you can get closer to 1008 Watts @100% Efficiency... Since no amp is 100% efficient, and I doubt a designer is going to design an amp to run that close to melt down...it is safe to say it doesn't do that much power... However I would say it probably is a solid 500Watts...