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  1. sprinklerman

    Metalhead/Rocker Audiophiles needed!!

    For sub duties I'd recommend (2) beefy 6.5" or (2) beefy 8" ported , front fire , ported into the side door passenger side,custom enclosure by reputable builder. Enclosure is everything. Forget sealed Down fire in prefabbed boxed. Put about 1000-1500 legit watts to them.
  2. sprinklerman

    What vehicles will this headunit fit?

    So what's your excuse?
  3. sprinklerman

    IA 10.1 ....1/2 ohm daily?

    Thanks for the input.
  4. sprinklerman

    IA 10.1 ....1/2 ohm daily?

    So you don't really know ? Because I know some amps can run just fine at lower than rated ohm load,while others pop very quickly. I guess I'm asking for input from someone who has actual hands on experience with this particular amp.
  5. sprinklerman

    IA 10.1 ....1/2 ohm daily?

    About to install my IA 10.1 and also order subs. Need to see if 1/2 ohm is ok on a daily basis with it. Need to know before ordering subs.
  6. sprinklerman

    Sundown E vs Alpine Type S

    I've used the Dayton HO before in a HT setup. Never in car. Box specs show around .5cuft sealed... Do you have any personal experience with them in an auto environment, or just repeating what you've heard someone else say? Just want to know because I'd prefer hands on experience if available. Thanks
  7. sprinklerman

    Sundown E vs Alpine Type S

    What's everyone's thoughts on the best budget system of (2) 12" subs ( sealed in 1cuft each, due to space restrictions ) in the sub 150.00 each range. 1200watts @1ohm available. Was thinking Sundown E vs Alpine Type S. Open to other suggestions as well.
  8. sprinklerman

    FS Incriminator Audio IA 10.1 Amplifier

    Inbox cleared. Thanks
  9. sprinklerman

    FS Incriminator Audio IA 10.1 Amplifier

    Money sent via PayPal. Goods and services. I covered the seller fees too man. Let me know if you got it.
  10. sprinklerman

    FS Incriminator Audio IA 10.1 Amplifier

    I'll take it. As per the PM you sent me.
  11. sprinklerman

    FU IS FIXED (for now anyway) never got to hear it good until now

    Honest question man,,, does your brain work the way you type ? Because if so, no wonder why you get so mixed up and everything that you deal with is such a HEEuuuuge,earth shattering event. If not, why don't you type things out so English speaking, 4th grade and up people can understand?
  12. sprinklerman

    "An expensive weekend" or "I blew my amp"

    Adult....possibly. .. grown...no way.
  13. sprinklerman

    my new box look at packaging

    Sounds like a good way to ruin a strong glued joint. Running screws in after the fact probably split the MDF. I doubt he drilled pilot holes.