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  1. I got it for christmas 07 but im pretty sure it came from radioshack
  2. i tried but theres just not enough room to do that with these dimensions
  3. i definately need to clean it up but dont have enough wire to do anything right now. Like i said theres still a some stuff that needs to be done.
  4. 33 wide 27 long and 16 tall and idk the cubes it is but its too small for the subs. sounds amazing though.
  5. box is built by fisher customs http://caraudio.com/forum/showthread.php?t=380568&highlight=bjfish
  6. Its pretty much done but there is still little things that need to be done, equipment: two fi bl 15's kicker kx2500 3 pairs of alpine type r speakers(2 6.5" comps 1 6x9) alpine mrv-f345 kicker hyperflex 1/0 (including big 3) fatmat through out the trunk but not the lid and some spectrum sludge comes on monday...
  7. jayisking

    kicker kx2500 help?

    no i was trying to attach the power wire to the battery then it happened
  8. jayisking

    kicker kx2500 help?

    I was working on my car the other day and i went to plug the power wire in and it blew my fuse going to the amp and it also made my amp spark and start to smoke. I took it apart and the only thing that looks bad is the two resistors (i think its a resistor) right by where i plug in the power wire If any one has had experience with this any help is useful. I think i can fix it i just need to know what resistor i would need to replace? if any one needs pics to help just ask thanks
  9. jayisking

    Phil Collins in the air tonight bass mix

    also go over to ROE and search for Agen. click his sig and he has it. Ill get the link later.
  10. jayisking

    Aq Hdc3 15" Vs. Audiopulse Revo 15"

    if anyone wants to find out for theirselves I happen to have a 15" d2 revo for sale
  11. very nice build i am putting 2 of them in my civic with an hk4000d.
  12. jayisking

    Will this hurt my score ?

    dear lord
  13. jayisking

    WTB <$90 6/5" comps

    type r comps?