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    Boomin_tahoe's s10 build

    Great job, well done!

    UFC Predictions


    Brands comparison

    Best 'bang-for-buck' overall has to go to Dayton Audio. The quality build and design you get for the $$ spent really has no equal. Your question is pretty broad.

    Which Subwoofer

    I’m curious what criteria folks on here are using to judge which sub is ‘better’ than another. Subs like the Alpine X and JL W6 have some pretty nice features... Folks are making claims of ‘this better than that’ and citing nothing to back their claims. Nobody has mentioned motor topology, coil/gap treatment, shorting rings/caps...no modeling results. What makes the Audiofrog so much better? I own quite a bit of AF product...I’m quite pleased with it. But people really would do themselves a service by taking time doing some research and learning what it is that makes for a good subwoofer. ...on a side note the Flatlyne sub looks very interesting...underhung design with a neo magnet.

    WTB: Soundsplinter Rl-p12

    The person you want to talk to on this forum is Ciaonzo...he's the resident expert on all thing TC Sounds. He could more accurately describe the similarities/differences with the assorted TC9 based drivers.

    WTB: Soundsplinter Rl-p12

    I have (5) total...I would sell up to (3)...I'm keeping at least a pair. I see you have a tc1000-8...I was able to score a tc1000-15 a few years back. Those tc1000's are hard to find. All TC products seem to be getting much harder to find these days. PM me if interested...I can send pics etc.

    WTB: Soundsplinter Rl-p12

    The SS RLP is a tc9 based overhung design. I have a set of Audiomobile MASS 12's...they are also a TC9 design but underhung for more SQ application. Very similar drivers as far as output and power handling...The MASS drivers are more SQ oriented.
  8. If the pods on eBay are yours can you tell me the measurements?
  9. Im looking for pods this style (round): https://m.ebay.com/itm/Audiofrog-GB25-pods-Cover-Rings-for-Midrange-Audiofrog-GB25-Midrange/273252548902?hash=item3f9f1f0126:g:8SoAAOSwN2VbEkRX But as small as possible. Thank you
  10. What are the smallest spherical pods you can make for Audiofrog GB25's?
  11. NSTALN

    For Sale.. Awesome Deal!!

    I'll take it! Does the $30 include PayPal fees?
  12. NSTALN

    Chris isnt loud, hes quiet af

    Daaaaang. You ain't foolin around. Can't wait to see it when its complete. Great work!
  13. NSTALN

    Tell a sad story in only 4 words.

    The rash is spreading...
  14. NSTALN


    I was really disappointed with 'Solo'. It wasn't nearly as bad as 'Last Jedi'...but just kind of meh. The dead horse that is/was 'Star Wars' has really been beaten way too much at this point. Infinity War was pretty darn good...DP2 was pretty good as well. 'A quiet place' had some good scenes...but was kind of stupid plot/story-wise. 'Annihilation' was OK...good idea for a story, but I think they dropped the ball on the execution. Black Panther was OK...but the story was also a bit dumb...I would go into details but it seems anyone who doesn't love it is somehow considered a 'racist' and I don't feel like dealing with that bullShit. Cloverfield Paradox was a cool flick. The latest Tomb-Raider incarnation was pretty forgettable (with the exception of the chick that played Lara...mmmm tasty). Deathwish was really quite stupid...poor Bruce Willis must be hurtin for cash these days. It seems todays movies are really suffering for lack of creativity...everything just seems too cookie-cutter...too overtly PC. Film makers seem to be afraid to take chances and/or really 'wow' people anymore... Movies are either re-makes, re-makes of re-makes, or half-baked not-mainstream-enough ideas that don't get the budgets needed to properly present.