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    WTB: Soundsplinter Rl-p12

    The person you want to talk to on this forum is Ciaonzo...he's the resident expert on all thing TC Sounds. He could more accurately describe the similarities/differences with the assorted TC9 based drivers.

    WTB: Soundsplinter Rl-p12

    I have (5) total...I would sell up to (3)...I'm keeping at least a pair. I see you have a tc1000-8...I was able to score a tc1000-15 a few years back. Those tc1000's are hard to find. All TC products seem to be getting much harder to find these days. PM me if interested...I can send pics etc.

    WTB: Soundsplinter Rl-p12

    The SS RLP is a tc9 based overhung design. I have a set of Audiomobile MASS 12's...they are also a TC9 design but underhung for more SQ application. Very similar drivers as far as output and power handling...The MASS drivers are more SQ oriented.
  4. If the pods on eBay are yours can you tell me the measurements?
  5. Im looking for pods this style (round): https://m.ebay.com/itm/Audiofrog-GB25-pods-Cover-Rings-for-Midrange-Audiofrog-GB25-Midrange/273252548902?hash=item3f9f1f0126:g:8SoAAOSwN2VbEkRX But as small as possible. Thank you
  6. What are the smallest spherical pods you can make for Audiofrog GB25's?

    Chris isnt loud, hes quiet af

    Daaaaang. You ain't foolin around. Can't wait to see it when its complete. Great work!

    What subs?

    With 20hz SS @24db

    What subs?

    Exactly what Kush said...the 12's for sure. Make sure what ever amp (or DSP) you get has a variable subsonic filter...it is a MUST for ported enclosures. The Type-S sub in 1.5cubes, tuned @32hz with 600rms will unload and hit xmax at 26hz...if you apply a subsonic filter at 20hz @24db you will control the sub below the tuning freq.
  10. NSTALN

    What subs?

    The advantage of going with a larger driver will be ability (in most cases) to play lower than smaller drivers. In this case the Fs, = resonance frequency of the driver of the 15 is 27hz, the 12 is 34hz. You could say the 15 is more 'comfortable' playing lower frequencies than the 12. This can be important in ported boxes where tuning below the Fs can sometimes cause issues. The (2) 12's will have a about 19% more cone area, but the 15 is a tad more sensitive...and would only require 1/2 the power.
  11. NSTALN

    What subs?

    For under $200 a sub your best options are Dayton Reference or Alpine Type-S. Both are designed for SQ, have good displacement capabilities, and work with moderate power and small-ish enclosures. Also you may want to consider a single 15 instead of dual 12's...usually a 15 will dig deeper. Someone was selling a couple SoundSplinter RL-P 15's on here not long ago...based off the legendary TC9 platform it will easliy out perform any combo of 12's mentioned in this thread. My advice, grab a single 15, throw 800-100rms at it. Forget Skar and Kicker...Skar is garbage and unfortunately Kicker's quality has gone down hill over the last couple decades. Look to brands like Alpine, Sundown, JL, anything TC Sounds built, Image dynamics, Dayton Reference/Ultimax. Honestly the best value in subs right now would be Alpine Type-S...underhung motor/coil design, 15mm excursion, relatively shallow mounting depth, inexpensive, Alpine quality...and available in a 15. Buy one of these: http://www.caraudio.com/forums/subwoofer-classifieds/636401-fs-soundsplinter-15s.html
  12. NSTALN

    3.5" dash speakers?

    I used to own a 2004 Durango...pretty sure they have the same dash and front doors... You can go bigger in the dash if you want. I had a set of Phoenix Gold Elite (Morel Elate) 5's and tweets in the dash. The panel closest to the windshield just pops out. I cut the mounting hole where the plastic 'grill' holes were and put the tweets just to the side (surface mounted to match the 5 inch drivers). Under the panel you'll find a shallow tub created by the inner dash frame. I covered the underside of the plastic panel with dynamat and also added a bit to the inner dash frame. I used dynamat to cover/seal the 3.5 inch factory mount on the inner dash. Last I added a small amount of polyfil in the dash before putting the plastic panel/speakers back in. The Morels/PG's are pretty shallow so you'll just need to get a shallow driver. The doors are even better to deal with...they are hard plastic and and have a ton of room behind them. I literally just cut a mounting hole right on the front of the door panel where the grill is. That lower area is large enough to accommodate Phoenix Gold Elite/Morel Elate 9's!!! I just cut the grill out to the mounting diameter of the 9's and secured them directly to the door panel along with the grill. The door panel sits pretty tight to the door itself, I don't recall having to take any measures to seal it additionally. I crossed the 5 comps at 200hz and up, the 9's 200hz-60hz, and a single TC Sounds 15 from 60hz down. Seriously the best sounding system I've ever built/owned...and I've built quite a few. You don't have to go as crazy as I did...but you can.