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  1. WildSebring

    DC lvl 3 or 4 or 4xl ?

    Q might sound a bit better, but the Level 4 in my opinion will get a little louder..
  2. WildSebring

    DC lvl 3 or 4 or 4xl ?

    1500 RMS would push the XL fine. I had 2 XL 18's with 2 Sundown 1500D's @ 0.5 ohm a piece and they rocked. Never got warm even after playing for a while..
  3. WildSebring

    electricdad in the house.

    Welcome to the forum...
  4. WildSebring

    My Budget Build

    Same here...wtf is up with the box... lulz..
  5. WildSebring

    Trying to get to 155db+ @ 151.6 now

    10 cubes burping? I've got a friend here in a Blazer with two DC Level 5 15's and 2 Sundown 1500D's and 5 batteries burping 154.5 and playing 151.5ish on music and the box is below the window line subs up port back. His burp box is only 6.5 cubes for both subs as well...his musical box is 9 cubes. Try smaller volume...I know with my single 12" @ 2 cubes burped a 150.7 all day long no matter what...I made the box 1.5 cubes and went to a 151.3.... Go smaller on the volume..worth a shot.
  6. WildSebring


    What he said..
  7. WildSebring


    You have no idea what your getting yourself into... Nothing but a bunch of inbreds here..who are just going to give you lines of bullshit.. lulz..
  8. WildSebring

    New Car w/ pics

    I used to work a Budget rent a car location where we got all their service drive stuff. If someone took their VW to get it serviced we put them in a rental car. And my best friend is also a Service Rep there, and he'll be the 1st to tell you the 100k mile extended warranty is a big waste of money.. Theirs so many loop holes in that extended warranty its retarded.. They are nice cars, but I'd never own a VW....he's told me so many horror stories about the Touraegs and the GTi's... Nice car and good luck to you..
  9. WildSebring


    I live in Dallas and can help you anytime, PM me and we'll talk.
  10. WildSebring

    New company B2-audio?

    With your spelling, you dont look much better..lol
  11. WildSebring

    WTB: batts

    I've got a pair of Dollar General AAA batteries. Might be enough to jump your car...just once.. $2 shipped...
  12. Should be loud. I had a single cab Silverado with 1 12" Soundstream SPLX Quad 1 on a PPi DCX 1000.1 @ 0.5ohm, a 180 amp alternator and 2 C&D's in the cab and it slammed. For 1 12' it would give you a headache in about 30 seconds. And I didn't have half the space to build like you do. I had to rip my middle seat out and build an enclosure to fit from the floor to the roof, looked funky, but it didnt matter when I cranked up the stereo and blasted it, lol. I miss my truck..
  13. WildSebring

    out of spl. which daily set up?

    Whats up? My bro Cody bought your Sundown.. I live here in Garland as well...and am a Team Sundown member as well. Do I know you? Theirs a lotta good subs and combos out there...outta what you listed, I personally would run 2 12" w6's...
  14. WildSebring

    Amplifier Strapping

    I've always done it like this. A friend of mine tryed to strap his amps and had nothing but problems, so he went with a maxx-link. I tryed it with a maxx-link as well and was a bit better but not much noticable. I had a pair of Sundown 3000D's strapped down to 0.25ohm per amp on 1 Sundown Nightshade 18 and it was hell on wheels, lol.. Thanks for the refresher though .