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  1. SPL Blazer

    Final SPL Comp for 2014, Saturday Oct 4th

    Due to rain, the comp is moved to Sunday the 5th
  2. This will be the last NESPL comp for 2014, coming up this Saturday starting at 3:30pm. There will be a car show included. SPL and Bass Brawlin will be offered, $20 per format or $30 for both. Car show entry is $10. it all happens at Sanford Sound 1458 Main St Sanford, Me We'll have the big trophies for Most Improved SPL and for Competitor Of The Year. [ATTACH]26550404[/ATTACH]
  3. SPL Blazer

    bass comp

    Nothing left in CT til next year. Only real comp left in New England is coming up this Saturday.
  4. Amateur 1 --------- 1. 144.3 Matt Ronco 2. 140.1 Bryanna Hurtubise Amateur 2 --------- 1. 142.5 Jennifer Stasinos 2. 142.3 Andrew Lockhart 3. 141.5 Matt Hodson Stock 1 ------- 1. 145.8 Scott Swanson 2. 145.7 Jimmy Wendler 3. 131.6 Tyler Honson Stock 2 ------- 1. 150.3 Brian Love 2. 146.0 Anthony Roy 3. 143.9 Treg Dimbitzski 4. 142.0 Denis Godbout 5. 137.3 Phillip Attardi Stock 3 ------- 1. 150.2 Russ Reed 2. 150.1 Thacher Evans 3. 147.1 Jason Ceklarz 4. 145.5 Cole Geer Pro Stock ----------- 1. 152.2 Jason Lamonica 2. 148.7 Marcos Tamayo 3. 147.0 Eric Cameron 4. 146.3 Leo Christopoulos 5. 144.9 Mollie Reynolds Super Stock 1 ------------- 1. 156.3 Keith Fafard 2. 146.7 Jeff B. Super Stock 2 ------------- 1. 160.9 Mike Gladu 2. 151.8 John Amirault Super Stock - No Wall --------------------- 1. 149.8 Scott Scott 2. 148.1 Nicholas Reis 3. 146.9 Levitt 4. 144.1 Anthony Vandyck Jr Stock - Trunk ------------- 1. 147.1 Ryan Stafford 2. 140.9 Exo Bass Brawlin 260 ---------------- 1. 259.9 Jason Ceklarz 2. 259.9 Tim Clarke 4. 259.6 Scott Swanson Bass Brawlin 280 ---------------- 1. 280.0 Levitt 2. 280.0 Derek Macgregor 3. 278.4 Jen Stasinos 4. 280.1 Leo Christopoulos Bass Brawlin 300---------------- 1. 285.7 Marcos Tomayo 2. 300.2 Mike Gladu
  5. NESPL will be back for the 3rd show of the 2014 season. Registration begins at 11am, runs start at noon. SPL and Bass Brawlin are $20 per format, $30 for both. These shows are the biggest SPL Events in Mass It all happens at: Vehicle Vibes 12 Enterprise Rd Hyannis Mass
  6. SPL Blazer

    NESPL Hits Lewiston Maine 8/16/14

    SPL is all going on outside, the car show is happening inside and outside.
  7. Car Show and SPL Sound off happens on Sunday August 24th, Registration at 10am. Other events happening on Saturday the 23rd, we'll be hanging out with the meter for those that wanna come by early. SPL, Bass Brawlin, Exhaust Wars and Car & Truck Show SPL & Bass Brawlin - $20 per format or $30 for both Car Show entry is $20 Exhaust Wars is $10 per 30 second run It all happens on Weirs Beach, so plenty of things to do all day, food, arcades, water slides and of course the beach. The car show will have a pin up contest going on during the day Saturday, The Capitol City Girls will be posing for pics with peoples vehicles on Sunday. Weirs Beach Lobster Pound 70 Endicott St N Laconia NH 03246 Some of us will be camping out on Saturday night, if interested contact Pine Hollow Campground at 603-366-2222, let them know you'll be doing the car show that weekend.
  8. New England SPL will be there handling the SPL,Bass Brawlin and Exhaust Wars. TMP Elite and The Androscoggin Bank Colisée are hosting yet another Inside Out Car Show...RAIN OR SHINE. Donations will go to Several Charities.This will be a family friendly show(NO DOGS/PETS ALLOWED) with trophies. Tickets are on sale now for Pre-Registration for inside and outside spots. Presale tickets for inside is $30.00 and outside presale is $15.00( Both include 4 Prize Raffle Tickets)if prepaid...You will be able to purchase tickets through the The Androscoggin Bank Colisée either online at Androscoggin Bank Colisée | Lewiston, Maine or in person and they will be providing the facility, food and drinks(No Outside Drinks Or Food on Premises) Vendor spots are open inside and outside of Colisee. Vendor spots are $100(8x8) per spot outside or $100(5 foot table) inside. Swap Meet will be happening. Bring your car parts and make a 25 dollar donation to set up. The Pit Girls will be in attendance. There will be Trophies awarded, along with live music and DJ'ing, raffles and 50/50, SPL, Exhaust and more! Live Performances will be announced HIP-HOP: The Element APE the GRiM Get Wright Ent Troublesumz ROCK: Render Maine Leaving Eden A Simple Complex Moticon Sound provided by https://www.facebook.com/VectorSonics The Pit Girls will be there!! Security Provided by Business Code Security Charities That Will Benefit From This Event Are Listed Below!! Reach Out WorldWide: http://www.roww.org Suicide Awareness: SAVE | Suicide prevention information, suicide, depression awareness Crohn's Disease: CCFA: Crohn's | Colitis | IBD Cystic Fibrosis Foundation: Cystic Fibrosis Foundation - Home
  9. Coming up this Sunday!!!!
  10. SPL Blazer

    spl in ct

    closest comp to CT would be in Hyannis Mass on Aug 31st
  11. SPL Blazer

    spl in ct

    As far as I know, that was the only CT event scheduled for the season. There aren't any shops down there that like bass comps.
  12. IASCA and USACi are competition Org's, not installers. And neither Org operates in this area anymore
  13. SPL Blazer

    NESPL & Vehicles Vibes, Cape Cod events

    Yup, that sh*t su*ked. I hate those loud horn style systems.
  14. SPL Blazer

    NESPL & The Sanford Sound Bikini Car Wash Show

    Here ya go, I forgot to enable the event results page for the past season. 2012 Event Results
  15. SPL Blazer

    NESPL May 12th, Rocky Hill CT

    Forgot all about that website, I haven't registered for it.