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  1. That ***** was strong and the gen 2's did better than the gen 3 and 4's.
  2. That was my sub about 7 years ago! I recognize all the ca glue I put on the dust cap. I was using it for spl competition street A, when crx's were popular. I did a155.9 street A with that one sub!!!!(lol) It is a gen 2. And I recognize the white thread holding the Kevlar cone. When DD does the recones it is always black!!
  3. Loudman

    WTB amp\amp 9k-12k rms @ 2ohms

    Strap two 7k amps (sundown, ddm4a if running 12v) or one taramp 20k or one stetsom 14k 2ohm version. For that budget you can pretty much get anything you want new!
  4. Hey Cal jump on it!!!!!! NICE!!!
  5. Loudman

    WTT/WTB 0.5ohm stable 3k-4k amp!!

    I know I am going to get booed for this, however....if you are looking for an amp that is STABLE at 0.5 ohm nominal, I would suggest to save money and get one that is reliable. Especially if you do not have the electrical system to back it up. If you just buy anything and put it on a less than adequate electrically system, in the long run, you are in for some serious heartbreak. My opinion, off market (not mainstream) brands such as DCaudio, DD, Sundown, American Bass, B2 audio, Incriminator Audio and ect, are excellent at 0.5 ohms, even down to 0.25 ohms, on a great electrical system. Little more expensive, but sometimes, you get what you pay for. And some of these companies will give you a great warranty if it goes up in smoke. The final choice is up to you. Kicker is an EXCELLENT choice for over 1 ohm nominal impedance. First I would invest my money in a stout electrical system. For any amp that runs under 1 ohm nominal, you cant have too many batteries. Then for UNDER one 1 ohm nominal perfomance, I would stay away from the mainstream products. Not saying all of them would not work under 1 ohm nominal, I would go for the sure thing. Just my suggestions.
  6. Loudman

    two DC 18 inch neo's

    Well the neos are sold to the king of street trunk class. And when he install these BADBOYS....well we will see!! THEY ARE SOLD!!!! And the buyer bought them and sent his DD95s back and did not buy DDZ's....because HE KNOWS THE DEAL!!! AND HE HAVE SEEN THE DEAL!!!
  7. Loudman

    two DC 18 inch neo's

    So if people think I am lying...sorry I am not. Just giving up to date data.
  8. Loudman

    two DC 18 inch neo's

    In my opinion they do. And in my comparisons these out did the dd neo.I like DD, but people are following old data. Because of pricing, its very difficult to compare neo brands, but I have. And ask steve foots with the Xterra. Direct swap of dd neos with level 5m1's, 0.3db gain.
  9. Loudman

    two DC 18 inch neo's

    Now they are going to someone else.....who ever wants them!
  10. Loudman

    two DC 18 inch neo's

    No thank you.
  11. Loudman

    two DC 18 inch neo's

    I agree that all comparisons may not be fair, because one box may not be optimum, for another sub. But these are beasty!!
  12. Loudman

    two DC 18 inch neo's

    No sir!! We tested the DDneo vs DClvl5 vs DCneo. Straight swap DCneo>DCLVL5>DDNEO. Trust I use to compete with DD. I love them. But these things are just beasty. But everyone has their opinion.
  13. Loudman

    two DC 18 inch neo's

    Item(s) for Sale: DC 18 inch neos Item(s) Description/Condition: New Dual 1 vc, with carbon fiber caps. Of course loudest subs out there. Price: 800 shipped each, deal if you buy both Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: Shipped price Item Pictures: (List pictures in this section, 1st picture should be your username/date if you have less than 10 positive feedbacks with the i-Trader system or less than 10 references that you have sold to in the past. (These must be listed in your signature, or a link provided to a feedback thread listing these references)).
  14. Loudman

    Wtb dc neo subs

    I gotta pair DC neo 18's d1's...if interested.
  15. Loudman

    Critical Mass UL12 vs TC Sounds LMS-R

    I just went on critical mass store website. First time in about 4 years. All I have to say is..."THESE MOTHERFVCKRS HAVE LOST THIER MINDS!!!!!" (LOL)