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  1. mat3833

    2 jbl w15 GTIs

    Bump, one is gone.
  2. mat3833

    Jbl w12 gti vs 12w6v2

    Well nevermind, a second person just offered up a trade for a pair of w12 GTIs. Looks like my decision was made for me. Got **** I love the jbls.
  3. mat3833

    Jbl w12 gti vs 12w6v2

    OK, so I can't fit my w15 GTIs in my trunk since I got a new car. That leaves me with 2 options. Sell my jbls and pi k up something else that will fit or go with a trade that popped up. Local guy has a mint 12w6v2 with a 3/4 inch birch ply enclosure, 1.1 cubes sealed after displacement, nice enclosure and it's stained/finished. I was looking to drop down to 12" jbls but I can trade one w15 for the jl sub and enclosure and sell the other jbl by itself. So the question is, of these 2 subs, what will sound best while still getting loud? Power will come from a mmats d2100.2. Not going for a spl setup this time, I just want a small system in my car for daily listening pleasure. Car is a mk4 jetta for the record.
  4. mat3833

    2 jbl w15 GTIs

    Thanks man
  5. I ran it for quite awhile and then traded it to a buddy of mine who is running it in his home theater currently on 1k. I'm actually looking to get it back to put in the road trip car. Haha. How would this single 10 do in 1.8 cubes sealed on a mmats d2100.2 compared to the w15s infinite baffle?
  6. mat3833

    2 jbl w15 GTIs

    Item(s) for Sale: Old jbl goodness. W15 GTIs. One is a mk1 and one is a mk2. Mechanicaly the drivers are the same, there are cosmetic differences tho. Item(s) Description/Condition: Both drivers are used but in 9/10 mechanical condition. D6 coil drivers. The mk1 is about 7/10 cosmetically. Dented dustcap(bought it that way) and some discoloration on the surround. Nothing to affect performance. The mk2 is 8or9/10 cosmetically. Price: I would like to keep the subs as a pair, 700 plus half shipping for the pair double boxed, packing peanuts, wooden top baffle to keep the sub centered, etc. I'm looking for a pair of 10s or 12s that like smallish boxes and do well on 500w each. Final load needs to be 2ohm, power will come from a mmats d2100.2. Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: Covered above Item Pictures: (List pictures in this section, 1st picture should be your username/date if you have less than 10 positive feedbacks with the i-Trader system or less than 10 references that you have sold to in the past. (These must be listed in your signature, or a link provided to a feedback thread listing these references)). https://imgur.com/gallery/BSQ13 I'll Imbed them tomorrow, my phone isn't wanting to cooperate.
  7. Hey buddy, I don't suppose you have a lead on a second one of these bad boys do you? I got a new car so it's time to change up my substage. I picked up a tc9 12 from you awhile back btw. For shits in giggles, I have a pair of Jbl w15 GTIs I'm looking to trade. Pair of 10s or pair of 12s that like smaller boxes and do what this one do. Power will come from a mmats d2100.2 Matt
  8. mat3833

    (2) 12" Old school Jbl GTI's

    I don't suppose you would be interested in a trade for a pair of w15 GTIs? One is a mk1 the second is a mk2? Identical mechanicaly, just cosmetic differences. I got a different car and the 15s won't actually fit in the trunk. Lol
  9. Mmats D2100.2? not 100% sure i want to sell it ATM, but im looking for a bigger amp Matt
  10. mat3833

    JBL W12GTI (1st Generation)

    i have a pair of the 15" version and im pretty sure they are neo. i dont see how the sub could weigh so little being how big it is without it being neo. and for refrence, these subs are monsters. i would buy this for my home theater if i had the cash Matt
  11. i didnt read any of the rest of this thread, just the title and part of the first post. so sorry if this doesnt help you at all. ive ran class A/B, Class A, and Class D amps. all three on my front stage and ab/d on my subs. the information that follows is strictly MY opinion based on MY listening experience: on sub duty there was little difference between good quality D and A/B amps. the A/B had a slightly different sound, but im not sure how to explain it other than "better". currently im running a Class D substage amp, getting high powered A/B amps for sub duty requires a TON of space, over 24" long usually, and my install had space limits that i had to stick too. on stage duty the difference was pretty large when going from a mid level(old school) A/B to a class D(Zed Mikro IV) the class D actually sounds a TON better than the mid level Class A/B. but when comparing the D to a high end Class A/B there was virtually no difference. some things sounded different on each amp, but overall the sound was great from either. im running class D up front as well. if i had tons of space, electrical that could handle 300a of current draw, and i was rich, i would run Class A/B completley. as it stands, im more than happy with my amps. amps are one of the last things that contribute to a nice sounding system. Quality recordings, Source, Drivers AND install, all play a larger part than an amp. Matt
  12. if you can get past the look these actually sound fantastic. if you are looking for something that sounds good and gets loud then you have a few more options, how much power do you have on tap? Matt
  13. mat3833

    Boston Acoustic GT-2300

    if i was still running S4 woofers id pick it up, but 24" of A/B goodness wont fit where i need it too. i have a sub that would LOVE this amp tho, actually the last time i ran that sub i had the GT-2300. lol Matt