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  1. Oldbass38

    American bass hd vs DC lvl3m2 vs sundown x

    I've heard all 3 brands...And the Tantric as well. I ended up going with the X's...Jacob built them for the chopped and screwed stuff that a lot of us listen to and they perform excellent on that type of music. I'm super happy with mine.
  2. Oldbass38

    Winter Show-Down - Macon, GA Feb 5th!

    Just a few more days...Anyone on here planning to come??? Lots of folks on CACO are coming...Maybe it's a bloods vs crips thing and people on here won't attend shows that other forums attend?
  3. Oldbass38

    WTB: Sundown 3500D $700 shipped

    Nope...I don't care about new...I need to stay @ $700.00.
  4. No worries...I've got 2 good friends that will help. One is an ASE Master Mechanic and the other one repairs electronics. I'll let them see my existing plug and help me create a new one once I have the correct parts to make it.
  5. anyone else? what is the part called that I'll need to get from Radio shack and who sells an alternator plug extension?
  6. Let me guess...You work for Mechman? And YES, I do like that way the one I bought is already made....But why not try and make one? I know the parts to make one cannot cost over $25!
  7. When I go to Radio shack, what do I need to ask for? Or how about a link to it... Also, who sells the alternator connector extensions?
  8. Oldbass38

    WTB: Sundown 3500D $700 shipped

    ttt....Still looking....Must be under warranty
  9. Why should I spend $50 more IF I don't have to? This thing is soooo simple to make it doesn't matter if it's "professionally" made.
  10. I just want one made like the one Mechman sells. I already bought one but I have another vehicle that I want to put another one on and got to thinking that if I could make one I'd do that instead...I'd be willing to pay anyone $50 shipped if they can make me one that works like the Mechman one does. Theirs gives you an incremental adjustment that goes up to 17 volts.
  11. Good for you! Where did you get the supplies to build it?
  12. Yeah, they are $99 from MM...It just seems so simple that I figured I'd give it a shot myself if I could find the connectors and the rheostat type device. Anyone know where to buy that stuff?
  13. I would like to know if anyone knows how to make the adjustable voltage boost module like Mechman is currently selling..As seen below..AND if you are feeling generous, create a tutorial on how it's actually made I want to try and make one since my budget is very tight!
  14. Oldbass38

    Winter Show-Down - Macon, GA Feb 5th!

    For some reason I couldn't edit the 1st post...Anyway, I got more concrete details: MOST RECENT DETAILS as of 1/21/2011: It will also be a IASCA IdbL & Everblast Bass Boxing event. Registration will start at 10 a.m. through 3 p.m. Competition will start at 12 noon. and run through 5 p.m., Fees will be $30.00 for 1 event or $50.00 for any 2 events, or $90 for all 4 events. Iasca events will be $25.00 for 1 or $40.00 for 2. Trophies for 1st place & medals for 2nd - 3rd. Show sponsors Hooters, Beau Boren & Pure Pressure Audio. Pure Pressure Audio 112 Riverside Parkway Hooters Macon, GA 31210 USA Tel: 352-224-8038 or 352-359-5599