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    Portland, MI
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    Racing, cars, car audio, bow hunt, fishing, partying, drinking, girls, baseball, football, basketball, draw
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    2 15" HDC3 off a crossfire vr4000d, ID interiors, sax 100.4, PPI pc4400.2, all in 02 trailblaze
  1. da box king

    FS/T: Minty Eclipse XA5000

    awesome amps, I love my xa2000. I have ran ppi pc series for years and like these just as well
  2. da box king

    Dd 1508

    dont have any comps, just ID CTX coaxials, 1/0 wire, 1/0 fuseholder, terminals, some hifonics 4 channel, and other randoms that are in the price range
  3. da box king

    Dd 1508

    any other trades needed or for the hell of it?
  4. hmm I want but my new job starts next week and would like to wait for my first paycheck in case something comes up. Down payment perhaps? or trades?
  5. what motor is that?
  6. da box king

    Another Custom Install

    outdated much?
  7. da box king

    Cheap Porter Cable 18volt kit

    yeah guys he's ok. It's settled. It was not intentional, and I believe that. Straight honest guy I believe. buy his things, no worries
  8. da box king

    "Old school" Gear overrated???

    please dont compare that ap3000 to good old school amps, total garbage dirty signal
  9. da box king

    FS: Original Sega Genisis w/ Extras

    glad no one else got this. I got it, and the unit does not work right, 8 out of the 9 games dont work...HE OWES ME A REFUND....FYI Obvious the unit was not tested fully before selling or something, as well as the reset does not work on the unit
  10. da box king

    Cheap Porter Cable 18volt kit

    so everyone knows, no one buy from him yet. He sold me a broken sega and owes me money, so right now he's not legit.
  11. da box king

    Fixing Broken Car Amps

    Mike, I did not get a chance to come through GR, but a week from today I'll be stopping by and dropping the ppi off, and then the directed and other ppi
  12. da box king

    FS: Original Sega Genisis w/ Extras

    YUP yur all too slow guys...I'll be soon playin it
  13. da box king

    so the new style xxx

    Peatree I'll trade ya a 10" hd3 and box with aero for the 12" XXX
  14. da box king

    Fixing Broken Car Amps

    Mike I'll be calling you tomorrow, have atleast 2 amps, but wondering how you are on head units as well.lol