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  1. memphisman

    94 Civic Ex H22a build

    prolly 16' or 17' slip streams
  2. memphisman

    94 Civic Ex H22a build

    Right now its got stock 15's that are spray painted black :( looks like absolute $hit and they are hard to catch traction but hopefully i'll be getting a nice set of rota's with low ppro's on em here soon
  3. memphisman

    94 Civic Ex H22a build

    I ordered some icon12's for the coupe anyone have good box designs? Also ordered some new rod bearings and gettin ready to turbo the ole h
  4. memphisman

    94 Civic Ex H22a build

    Yea she's a beast all stock i cant wait to see her running 18lbs thru a t4 . Whats the price on icons?? Tried searching but computer keeps messing up
  5. memphisman

    94 Civic Ex H22a build

    Yes i have one memphis power refference 1000 class d amp
  6. memphisman

    94 Civic Ex H22a build

    My oil pan is about 3 inches from the ground so i have to be really careful lol
  7. memphisman

    94 Civic Ex H22a build

    Lol she aint slow. I can bury the needle in 5th before it kicks vtec. And i'm really wantin to try some icon's or q's out
  8. memphisman

    94 Civic Ex H22a build

    Newby's lol that joke died like a month after i joined lol
  9. Hey, I reecently bought this 94 Honda Civic Ex. It has, - 2001 Prelude Jdm H22a motor swap - P28 ecu chipped and tuned on chrome - Aem cold air intake - Stage 3 exedy clutch with 2 step - Eibach springs - Skunk 2 camber kit - 4-2-1 header with 2 1/4 inch exhaust Future plans for motor include low compression pistons and hopefully t4 turbo. As far as audio, right now all she has is a cheaspo walmart dual hu. Planning on running a good pair on 12's in trunk. I DO NEED SUGGESTIONS ON SUBS! As far as power for subs i have a Memphis PR 1000D with 0 gauge wiring and big 3 already done budget for subs is around 350 a piece and im looking for more sound quality than spl. Now, on to pics... Good night time pic. Yea she sits pretty low in the front. The H22a. This pic was took in the middle of putting the intake on, it does have a filter on it. Please lmk what you think about it.
  10. memphisman

    Rd Audio S.h.w. ?

    Exactly what I was thinking lol.
  11. Really nice work, I love the fiberglass!!
  12. memphisman

    F/S Louisiana_CRX's famous CRX

    MNan it sucks that your gettin out of comps. But nice price on a '89 crx
  13. memphisman

    CES 2009 Pictas

  14. Man i love cb7's you got any pics of your car??
  15. memphisman

    Buick Rendezvous build

    Looks really nice!!! I love seein people do fiberglass.