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  1. MmatsDude

    Zapco ST4XP

    Bump need to sell ASAP
  2. MmatsDude

    Zapco ST4XP

    This is a great deal bro. People are missing out on this great sounding amp. Gets loud too.
  3. MmatsDude

    Zapco ST4XP

    Do you still want the amp?
  4. MmatsDude

    Zapco ST4XP

    Yes it’s still available Text me at 2094266931
  5. MmatsDude

    Top five amplifier companies?

    They could make the amp water proof but you need special order it from them. I spoke to David Thompson about this today
  6. MmatsDude

    Top five amplifier companies?

    Yes sir. I got a Mmats HD4000.1 on the way?
  7. MmatsDude

    Top five amplifier companies?

    MMATS Pro Audio still makes there top of the line amps in there facility in Florida. I would say mmats is up there with the top amps.
  8. Really excited for this build. Mmats SQ4160(4Channel) 160wrms @ 4 OHMS Mmats EQ MEQ7(with built in 10 volt line driver) Mmats Pro 6.5(front stage) Mmats Pro 5.2(Rear) I have been waiting some time though to complete this set. There audio equipment is not cheap. Can’t wait to hook this all up.
  9. MmatsDude

    What is "SQ" these days?

    Tell me about it bro. There prices are high. I just picked up this week there mmats sq4160(4 channel) for 900$ + shipping.
  10. MmatsDude

    What is "SQ" these days?

    **** man. I have to say though that you missed out on some of the best quality amps ever made.
  11. MmatsDude

    What is "SQ" these days?

    You never had experience with MMATS Pro Audio equipment living in Florida?
  12. MmatsDude

    What is "SQ" these days?

    SQ comes down to the perception of what you think and actually is SQ to you. What might sound amazing to you might not sound to others. That’s why I always say and will always say this when it comes to SQ. Build an sq system that sounds good to you. I love bright detail highs. Others don’t. Don’t get caught up in all it’s complexity.
  13. MmatsDude

    Zapco ST4XP

  14. MmatsDude

    Electrical problem

    My friend that works on cars electrically said that one of the fuses or relays was making bad contact and by disconnecting and reconnecting everything it fix the problem.
  15. MmatsDude

    Slamology 2018 roll call

    How did MMATS Pro Audio booth do?