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  1. West1

    Sundown X8v3 or SA8v3

    Because you threw out "sound quality," I'd go with the sa8's. If you wanted mad lows, X8 would fit the bill. The design of the X series is to have a softer mechanical so it catches lows but lacks on faster beats like pop. None one of this will do any good if the box is not tailored to the specific subs.
  2. West1

    Bass track thread!

    Love this song... BANGS!
  3. West1

    What brands do people like for subwoofer?

    I see Sundown, SSA, FI, Dayton, DC, CTSounds and ImageDynamics as the most common brands. As far as box, If you plan to build it, I recommend you post a WTB box design. Should be like 20-30 with a cutout sheet (maybe a few bucks more). All you do is buy wood and follow instructions. Make sure to KNOW the subs model, amp model and area where box will go.
  4. West1

    SSA Demon Subwoofer (all new)

    Following, will be in the market for new 15's early next year. Is the there an option to remove the Demon and just keep the SSA?
  5. West1

    Boomin_tahoe's s10 build

    Well done
  6. West1

    Want to go Louder

    While we wait, anyone see the sundown U series 18" hit 160db vid? Is this possible with one woofer?
  7. West1

    Want to go Louder

    FI Audio SSD 12 or 15" http://www.ficaraudio.com/product/ssd-series-ssd12/ Sundown Audio U series 12 or 15 https://www.sundownaudio.com/index.php/products/subwoofers-2/item/u-series SA two 8" or 10", single 12 or 15 https://www.sundownaudio.com/index.php/subwoofers/sa-series Last option would be a pair or Sundown Shallow mount but these could be same as the W6 or possibly a downgrade as I have never heard those JL's. Surprisingly, these hit pretty hard in a ported box. I had one and I was very happy for the 2 years I ran it. Then got the bug to upgrade. I have a pair of SA15's and they hit pretty hard. Over all satisfied with the sub. The top links would be my suggestion based on box size and power you are working with. Don't let the rms specs fool you, they go louder than whats posted. So many people on the forum rum Sundown or have had sundown. Its a great "first sub" till you get to the bigger series. Never owned FI product but I am considering SSD or U Series for my next upgrade. Not sure if its been mentioned but I would do "the Big 3". Hope this helps.
  8. West1

    pics of your doggo

    Our pair of red Min Pins
  9. West1


    Assuming your system was purposely placed above 15volts or does the amp auto draw +15volts? my voltage does not go higher than 14.6 and that's at startup. With current amp, I have dual runs of 0ga, would this be pointless to do same on a taramps amp? If not, id try and machine the dual 0ga copper adapter to fit the taramp. I'm still tripping on price lol.
  10. West1


    The prices are insane. I love to pay less but it just doesnt make sense lolol. I did read on a thread at work (different site) that the taramps can give so much power because they require higher voltage than most. I've seen some dyno test and they are from 12.8-14.8v, there's a lot of mixed reviews on them. I also read where a guy had 3 big amps at a meet or competition and his amp would switch to protect mode. He also claimed others at the meet/show had same issue. I think it was the Stevemadden forum. Same thread, some guy said it's common for taramps to go into protect mode and they blow easily. Have you personally ran taramp amps with success?
  11. West1


    I've read Taramps need more power/electrical, is this true? I also see the Power/Ground terminals look small vs. most amps, is this an issue? Im considering the Taramps HD5k for a pair of X15 v2's
  12. Does the amp power on? Does it have any fuses, might want to check those with a multimeter IF they don't look baked...
  13. West1

    Why send plans?... lol

    If hes not, I gave him a nice tip...
  14. Well that's the size I have so I'd like to use what I got. I don't plan on messing with the SA15 wires but I am starting to think things through for a pair of X15's or U-15's. Knowing I will have to deal with that headache, I would like to solve that issue now Lol. I don't have the amp yet but I'll be in the market for 4k (no more than 5k). Current 10ga is knukonceptz just in case their product is thicker for whatever reason. If buying 12ga would fix it, I'll just buy 12ga.
  15. Was it one SA or dual SA's? Wiring one SA should be fine. Wiring 2 in parallel was such a pain in the arse. More so when three wires needed to go into one terminal I wonder if we can swap out the terminals for some type of dual terminal. That would solve a headache imo.