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  1. Indeed he was...

  2. RIP bro, you were an awesome guy!

  3. NewAgeKing

    NewAgeKing Feedback.

    Bump for the people ive done business with that havent left feedback.
  4. not quite sure how or where to leave feedback but great guy her

  5. Ive been trying to get ahold of rd to see what was put on it. It took so long for me to get it i actually canceld the order but it still came. I know there is a titanium top plate, stiffer cone i believe with multiple spiders. Im really not sure. IF i could get ahold of him i could figure out what i did to it. I pretty much put every upgrade on it so if you callled and you could maybe get an idea of whats on it. Ill have to look at the mounting depth, dont know that off hand and i wouldnt know for box specs really. I just do what i like in a box and everyone is different but i never even ran this sub so i dont know.
  6. NewAgeKing

    4 channel fs/ft

    Let me know if its gone....
  7. NewAgeKing

    WTB Eclipse CD3200

    I have one, pm me so i can see what your looking for in cash.
  8. NewAgeKing

    WTT Nightshade 18's

    Lowest you can go for both nightshades to 49938 and just one to 49938. Any trades? Thanks.