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  1. kurrupt

    Obsidian Audio 15

    155+sh i have 2 motors with 15" baskets
  2. you have pm ill cut a nice deal if someone takes all 3 today
  3. kurrupt

    Oa 15 d4

    i have a d2 or 2 motors you could build pm me if your interested
  4. kurrupt

    wtb APSM1300 x4

    please pm me and let me know i got a few extra bucks together so i will be looking for 8 total now
  5. kurrupt

    Wtt: Ps3

    interested in a hdc318 maybe a little cash or extra on your end?
  6. kurrupt

    wtb APSM1300 x4

    im actually going to end up with about 8 of them but want to start with 4. a guy i know can get them for me for 95 from a store pretty sure its dealer pricing. but used is fine with me as they will be hidden and if i can trade some stuff i already have even better yet
  7. wtb audiopipe APSM1300 x 4 can buy them bnib for 95 so cheaper than that will also trade 2 obsidian 15 motors and baskets or a full working obsidian d2 also have a aq hdc318 i might get rid of. time to but some power in the metro
  8. kurrupt

    Fs- apmb-8s 2 pair

    well pm me if your interested
  9. kurrupt

    Fs- apmb-8s 2 pair

    obsidian 15 d2