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    9 time Db Drag/Iasca World Champion and Founder of StreetSPLr audio competitions and owner of High Output Audio
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    Hybrid Audio Legatia speakers in my Camry with Arc Audio amps

    Best SQ 6.5" Coaxial - Unlimited Budget

    Also check out the Hybrid Audio Mirus speakers.
  2. Image Dynamic CTX speakers are very nice sounding but also have large motor designs with a long pole piece for the tweeter. Make sure you have enough mounting depth to allow these before if you decide to use them. If they fit you will definitaly be more than happy and you can stay pretty close to your original budget

    need input on 6.5 component's

    Also check out the Hybrid Audio Unity series or the Claurus series components. Amazing sounding speakers and some of our biggest sellers.
  4. what series of Hybrid's are u interested in?

    Question about a motorcycle audio setup

    Yes 4 sets of 5.25's should def be louder and cleaner

    Need help choosing a sub.

    I would also add the Crossfire XS series 4" VC. I have seen a few here in that price range and they are great subs both musically and output wise

    Question about a motorcycle audio setup

    I hope the information helps and if you have ANY questions about the Hybrid Mirus speakers at all please feel free to PM me and I will gladly help any way I can

    Question about a motorcycle audio setup

    I would probably suggest the 2 set of 5.25's simply due to the fact if you are powering the speakers off a headunit alone you will be using all 4 channels of the head units amplifier compared to only half the power with the 6x9's. 15-20 watts x4 compared to only x2 with the 6x9's will provide higher volume and cleaner power output to help overcome the wind noise
  9. I def agree with the Incriminator subs or I also recommend the Digital Design 500 series subs. I have a couple vehicles I did as pure SQ systems with a pair of these subs in 1.1 cu ft sealed enclosures off a 600 watt Arc Audio amp and they sound amazing with ALOT of output. Just FYI the rest of the system contained Hybrid Audio Legatia components running all active. These subs def fall under the $300 price budget you are looking to spend. I could also set up a demo listen for you if you didnt mind making the drive to Raleigh
  10. HO-AUDIO

    Question about a motorcycle audio setup

    Check out ARC Audio and Hybrid Audio. The Hybrid Audio Mirus speakers are amazing sounding even with low power and have a 20mm Silk tweeter and the speakers have waterproofing to them as well. I have installed a few sets of these on different bikes and they work out great
  11. HO-AUDIO

    WTB: DD Z series subs

    **** Maddog you are from my hometown. Never seen anyone on here from Bristol. Sorry didnt mean to jack your thread but I can check on Z prices for you. I am a DD dealer here in NC shoot me the info of what voice coils and stuff you want at highoutputaudio@gmail.com
  12. HO-AUDIO

    4 ch amp help. Hs to be small

    The arc XDI series amps are awesome and good prices as well. They also have a 3 channel with 80 wrms x2 and 400 wrms x1 with a bass knob and a 5 channel also
  13. HO-AUDIO

    Looking for 6.5's

    BNIB orion cobalt 6.5" components for $100 shipped and also have some Hybrid Audio Mirus 6.5" coaxials with a 20 mm silk dome swivel tweeter for $150 shipped for the set. PM me if interested
  14. HO-AUDIO

    4 channel

    DD C5 bnib for $225 shipped with complete 1 year warranty. PM me if interested
  15. HO-AUDIO

    dd cm 600

    I sell them for $199 at my shop