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  1. freakish07

    headbussaboi scammed me

    That is ****ed up!
  2. I have the clarion max675vd, comes with original box, remote $300 + shipping FIRM
  3. freakish07

    possible situation (dropped_mazda, slicknick)

    Hope everything works out for you well thats good news. glad you got your flip out. Hope everyone else gets there stuff
  4. freakish07

    1996 Mustang Cobra

    nice car any trades?
  5. freakish07

    Turtle Wax Ice Products

    i will take the rest
  6. freakish07

    possible situation (dropped_mazda, slicknick)

    dvrmstrng - tell your dad or you call the credit card company and tell them you did NOT authorize the $408.00 charge to paypal. That is called a chargeback on your behalf. Tell them you NEVER made a purchase or gave them permission to intiate the charge. Simple as that. depending on your credit card issuer and there policy, you should be creditied back the $408 on your credit card.
  7. freakish07

    possible situation (dropped_mazda, slicknick)

    Not saying anything yet. maybe not on slicknick, but this seems like a bunch of bs. More so on dropped_mazda end. WTF is up with dropped_mazda partner's wife shipping the product? Over 3 hours away??? dvrmstrng, that would not be wise as of right now, to tell paypal to close it and have them rule in favor of slicknick. just my opinion.
  8. freakish07

    Need info on PR 1000.1 new model by memphis audio+ kicker cvr's

    The memphis pr1000.1 is a good amp. I have one now in my truck and the the matching 4 channel.
  9. freakish07

    WTT JL 1000/1 for H/U

    I have a clarion max675vd double din and I have a brand new 800prs? would be willing to trade for the jl 1000/1
  10. freakish07

    Turtle Wax Ice Products

    how much for everything?
  11. freakish07

    possible situation (dropped_mazda, slicknick)

    which slicknick is it? There's 2 usernames by slicknick First is slicknick and the second is slick-nick This slicknick is trying to buy something for the avhp7500dvd unit....Sounds like he already has the 7500dvd (i know dropped_mazda had the avhp7500dvd for sale/trade) Here's the link http://www.caraudio.com/forum/showthread.php?t=371000
  12. freakish07

    possible situation (dropped_mazda, slicknick)

    3 guests looking at this thread.....Hmmmm Sounds like some Bullshit in the mix with slick & dropped. (look at his username SLICKnick, ) Are you 100% sure there not trying to scam you? dropped_mazda has some good refs/feedback. So? But why didnt dropped_mazda send the flipout to slicknick?
  13. freakish07

    WTT: very nice 24's for oem 20's

    I have some oem 20s w/ new nexxen 275/45/20 tires
  14. freakish07

    24's or 26's

    You can do a set of 26's w/ 305/30/26 26s measure 32.4 with 305/30/26 tires. If you go with 26s get a +15 or +20 offset with 26s. You have enough room on that type of truck for 26s w/o rubbing or scrapping I will get a pic of both my trucks with 26s