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  1. Stalin-ohaulic

    framing hanley grt this song and bump it!!!!

    So old dude. This was out literally 2 months after lil wayne's song dropped. What was that like 2008? It's been almost 3 years bruh.
  2. Stalin-ohaulic

    dd 9518g vs warden 18 HELP

    I'm a die hard DD fan BUT, the warden SHOULD eat the 9500 series alive.
  3. Stalin-ohaulic

    SPL is overrated

    I play 151's all day on music(best from 38-42hz but can still break 150 up to over 50hz.), then I swap my port out for my spl port and murder people at my resonant. Am I fail or win? I cannot tell from this thread.
  4. Stalin-ohaulic

    Box Efficiency

    In a perfect world, it will make it more efficient in 2 ways. Theoretically it should make your peak higher, and your musical response flatter. That is not always the case. It is often said that a certain box will be more efficient than another. That really all depends on what frequency is being played etc. For instance, I build a smaller box which gives me less impedence rise and build it to peak at my resonant freq. I burp a 155. I build a larger music box that peaks well below my resonant. The bigger box makes my impedence rise higher and I don't get the extra boost from my resonant freq so I only do a 151.5. Which box is more efficient? It totally depends on what frequency I'm playing. The music box would average out to be more efficient because there is only a 1 db variation in output across a span of 20hz above tuning. The smaller burp box would be more efficient at my burp freq. All I'm saying is it just depends on what your build is intended for. If it's for music, larger is the only way to go, but REALLY large has diminishing returns.
  5. Stalin-ohaulic

    memphis M3 coil rub

    Sometimes the top plate shifts on the magnet. It is INCREDIBLY difficult to center with the soft parts in place. It's not easy with them NOT in place. This can happen during shipping, which I'm assuming is what happened because I highly doubt PSI would not notice a rubbing coil.
  6. Stalin-ohaulic

    hatch rattle

    It doesn't for mine. I'm sure that all depends on how good the seal is. If you've raised it so the seal does not make enough contact then I'd say water will get in. In my case, the weather seal is pretty tall and still makes excellent contact. You can always test it out. I recommend armor-alling all weather strips and the places they contact anyways. At least clean those locations regularly. Then get a glass of water and pour it while having someone on the inside check for leaks.
  7. Stalin-ohaulic

    hatch rattle

    Lol, well the reason the tubing didn't work for you is that it is hollow in the middle, so it broke down on itself and didn't remain applying pressure. The goal is to keep some tension on the outer portions of the hatch so that in conjunction with the latch, the hatch cannot move. There are opposing forces on each. So, I would suggest first getting some small squares of all weather carpetting. Try to get some samples Then take a dry-erase marker and if you can squeeze it between the window and the body, make a mark showing where you can't go outside of. Cut the carpet to contour and stay inside of your line. Secure it down with some sort of adhesive that could still be removed later on. silicone isn't bad. Apply a pea sized dot, press firmly for 5 seconds and let go. If it's not tall enough to contact the hatch slightly before it's latched, build up until it is. Be careful not to build up too high or you can break/crack your glass. You want it under a little stress, but not much. When it shuts, you should see the sides (where you applied your carpet) stay up slightly. This combined with your weather seal will not allow rattling or much flex in this area and is full of win.
  8. Stalin-ohaulic

    hatch rattle

    I don't but I can take some. I actually used all weather carpetting once and it performed the best and looked the worst haha.
  9. Stalin-ohaulic

    hatch rattle

    I built up two bump stops on either side of mine. They are depressable but provide tension on the window before it latches. When you close it, these hold the entire window very snug. It no longer make any sound at all.
  10. Stalin-ohaulic

    how do your volts go up

    I put one in a week ago and it certainly did not put out the same at 14 as it did at 12 lol. I guess I'll vid it when he comes back to the shop. Also, I don't have to eat my words. You said most amps are regulated and the fact remains that they are NOT. You still fail hard no matter how hard you lie and spin.
  11. Stalin-ohaulic

    how do your volts go up

    yes and it doesn't make you right. Anyone can go to rtti and it doesn't mean jack. Show me your cert. Anyways, I'm not talking about rca voltage. I'm talking about 12v input. Yes it does fluxuate with input voltage and I can clamp and prove it. I have on a t1500 just the other day. Don't make me make a vid to prove you wrong. It will not be difficult. Also you said MOST amps. Even if you weren't lying about RF you'd still be wrong. You should stop lying now. Anyone that looks into this will know you're a fool.
  12. That will not be fun when you're driving down the road and the insulation melts and shorts, your battery explodes and you're stranded right there with battery acid covering your engine compartment, or worse CATCH YOUR VEHICLE ON FIRE while you're driving down the road. If I were you, I would buy another fuse holder and fuse, put it in the correct location. It might be the best 20 dollars you ever spend.
  13. Stalin-ohaulic

    how do your volts go up

    You are for sure NOT right. Not all RF amps are regulated. Thus why they put out more power as the input voltage is raised. You fail.
  14. Stalin-ohaulic

    which one will get louder? dd vs fi

    Full potential? No and you literally didn't even make a valid argument. In the scenario you provided, let's say I have 500 watts on tap. Let's say I have a alpine type r 12 and a ddz 12. The ddz is way more efficient and will perform better in almost any scenario you can think of. Don't like that and want more low end extension? There are a whole host of subs with power ratings well over 500w that will outperform that same 500w rated sub because they are more efficient. Efficiency is key... NOT supplying a sub with the exact amount of power it's rated for. That's a silly notion and is a myth. Everyone thinks you have to power a sub with its rms rating to get it to perform and it's simply not true. What does "full potential" mean anyways? Everyone says type r's can take thousands of watts so does that mean I have to give each type r 1000 watts to get its "full potential"? Of course not because it is a faulty premise.... With your logic, you just disregard any rms rating and pour the coals to the sub until it catches on fire because you were "trying to get it to its full potential". Doubling the power at most can give you a 3db gain.... so how much does it really matter? Thanks for playing though. You were just too fun.
  15. Stalin-ohaulic

    how do your volts go up

    I didn't say list amp manufacturers. I said list the amps. When you can't, just admit you didn't know what you were talking about. It'll be ok man.