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  1. dman4486

    Recommendations for amp on motorcycle

    Thanks Boom, I'll have a look.
  2. dman4486

    Recommendations for amp on motorcycle

    The D4 looks promising. They don't mention anything about waterproofing at all on the web site though. I do like the price per watt! 240x2 @4ohm for $279 MSRP is better than anything I've looked at thus far.
  3. dman4486

    Recommendations for amp on motorcycle

    This place must have really slowed down. OK.. New question... what is the most active (useful) audio forum these days?
  4. dman4486

    Holy Crap its been a while

    What brought you back? I just jumped back on for the first time in what has to be 3 years... maybe more. Too lazy to go look at my post history
  5. Good afternoon all, Been a while since I've posted here. I have a new project I am trying to get off the ground and haven't kept up with the latest trends/technology. I am wanting to replace the speakers and add an amp to my 2015 Victory Cross Country. I will be up-sizing from 5.25 to 6.5 front stage and have chosen these pioneers: TS-D1602R - 6½" 2-Way Speaker | Pioneer Electronics USA from Amazon for $70. I was looking into this amplifier at a local shop: Powersports Xtreme Bluetooth Amplifier - Phoenix Gold My requirements for the Amp are as follows: 1. must be waterproof 2. must have high lvl input 3. SQ....I prefer flat response to SPL but need enough to overcome hwy winds. 4. speakers are rated @ 60WRMS and I usually upsize the amp slightly as you can always turn the voltage down. 5. 2 channel as I will not be upgrading or running the trunk speakers frequently. Any additional info that would be useful, just ask. Thanks.