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  1. Millertime1028

    2 Crossfire XS-SPL18-V2's Enclosure

    Great looking box. Craftsmanship is on point!
  2. ^ Thank you everyone as always for the good feedback! Here is the most current vid. Decaf music FTW!
  3. Really appreciate all of the positive feedback everyone.. And Alec, I try not to tally up the cost of everything. It adds up for sure lol
  4. ^ Thanks man. And yea came a long way from those BL's lol. I'm using heavy duty leaf springs in the rear with air shocks. Keeps the truck at stock ride height.
  5. Thanks everybody. Appreciate all the feedback! And dejesu. Best scores to date are 162.0@41hz legal and 163.1@43hz outlaw. 160s on music
  6. Thanks alot guys. To answer some questions. It peaks at 40hz sealed up. 42hz outlaw.The vid of it breaking the windshield they were using an AC mic. Not a TL. It does a 162.0 @ 40hz legal on the Termlab. 161s on music. Videos of it on the TL will be up soon.
  7. Millertime1028

    Vented box question... HELP?!?!

    Yeap, as long as the box has the same amount of cu/ft net, you may use their port specs.
  8. Thanks guys.. Vids are right after the last pic ^
  9. Loading window almost finished! Fully sealed off, carpeted, and loading window finished Beauty panel for rear all finished up Videos:
  10. Box is ready to be put in the truck Took 6 people to get this **** thing in First stage of sealing it off Bondo added
  11. Terminals for subs.. Toolmaker Plate installed. Subs all loaded up. Time to wire them up. Dont mind the photo edit. **** Iphone apps! lol Grommet for wires.. LED strip lights added.. All lit up ! All wired up. Lighting finished. Time for loading wall