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  1. ssackett

    Building my Tantric SHD 12. 6000rms

    There is a difference from rating a sub to make a consumer base happy and rating a sub based on years of results and an engineer thinking about a goal..and spending countless hours designing something different.. and then making it happen..Luckily with this sub and the other lines Murphy makes is the latter. The SHD is years of testing of his ideas and combining new ideas that are improvements from past designs. If Murphy is confident in the 5000w rating under the the correct operating conditions then why should anyone question it. We all know stuff breaks but like I tell guys you have to know when to turn the vol knob down. It's just common sense. Just because you have 20,000w on tap to throw at your subs doesnt mean you dont have to be responsible doing it. If you have a car that a manufacture says can do 0-60mph in 3 seconds, does it mean at every stop light your going to push your car to the limits and do 0-60mph in 3 seconds at every stop light? I would hope not.. First off it would get kind of old doing that lol.. and it's people like that that will soon run into a problem and damaging something, hit a light pole, or kill someone else. Being responsible is apart of maintaing a manufacure rating and can be easy as just knowing what your doing and knowing when to back off the vol. I dont know anyone that would want to bang on their **** for 30mins strait at full tilt. First off it is annoying to get your head beat in that long and no matter what the manufacture rating is something will break. Keep up the good work Tantric and hopefully I will get a chance myself to play with a few of your products in the CRX. Carry on & Keep bumping and just say no to clipping
  2. ssackett

    f/s: Soundigital 16kd

    Yes I do but I am focusing more on OEM for then custom stuff these days. I still do custom stuff but only when I am contacted and requested to and so on.
  3. ssackett

    f/s: Soundigital 16kd

    Had a pair of DC XL 10's in my CRX. Best score with 16kd and two XL 10's was 156.3 dbdrag style sealed and meter on the dash.
  4. Item(s) for Sale: Sold my other 16kd and will not be using this one either. I picked up a 4500d in a trade and would like one more to have a pair. Item(s) Description/Condition: It is used and in good condition. This has been the amp I used all year long for competition. It was one of Murilo's personal amps he had in his Panda and is very strong It was repaired one time a couple years ago and had a few fets replaced. Its been running strong ever since then and got me to World Finals for 2011. Price: $1375 shipped or trade for a Sundown 4500d + $700 Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: Will be shipped Fedex. Item Pictures:
  5. ssackett

    f/s: Soundigital 16kd

    Amp is sold. May list my 2nd one at a later date.
  6. ssackett

    f/s: Soundigital 16kd

    Hahaha. What's up bro. Still confused on Sourdeez post? He trying to be funny or did he not notice Stephen and I are both on Team-SSC and in fact know eachother. Guess I'm getting a little slow in my old age lmao.
  7. ssackett

    f/s: Soundigital 16kd

    ^^ Hi
  8. ssackett

    f/s: Soundigital 16kd

    Item(s) for Sale: I have a pair of 16k's so and don't need them both so one of them has to go. Amp is in good condition and has been rarely used. Item(s) Description/Condition: Used but in great condition. 16000w x 1 @ 1ohm/12v Price: $1650 shipped or trade for a 3000w-5000w amp plus cash. Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: Will be shipped via Fedex Item Pictures:
  9. ssackett

    Splaudio's custom subs thread

    ^^ Moving a lot of air for one 18.. Very nice, Corey does great work.
  10. I have a AA motor that I will build into the desired size I have listed. Rms will be like the stock AA mayhem. I can get pre breakin specs which will be different then the subs specs after you break it in. Enclosure size I can help with.
  11. Item(s) for Sale: One Rebuilt AA Mayhem in any size 10"-18" of your choice or you can buy the motor only. Item(s) Description/Condition: Will be built with 4 stiff progressive spiders with dual sewn leads, 8 layer flat wound alum coil, stong paper cone, and a black poly dome. Price: 10" - $345 12" - $355 15" - $365 18" - $395 ALL PLUS SHIPPING or buy the motor for $260 + shp. NO TRADES! Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: Motor is used but in good condition Item Pictures: Few refs... Blinkdogo2,310_cutty, Erthshker,bhsdriller,msimon,biker911,SPY,90accordman,Upzaw2000,bunkerking09,trailz516,jere s313,greendragonslim,greenman100,korn4life,AnonymousUser,slam,tymoto21,widehatchback47, flores210,SethPhillips,andrew9924,btdickey99,redlineaudio,gangstajpimpin,dylan12321,Kharps ,Rashadd,Andrizzle,Regal_350
  12. Item(s) for Sale: Custom built TRF 18's or motors,(3 available) Item(s) Description/Condition: We be freshly built with D1.4 coil or D.7 and three 10" spiders Price: $500 + shp each for built 18's $260 + shp each for the motors NO TRADES Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: Motors are used but in excellent condition. Item Pictures: Few refs.. 528hz,ridnclean,terra,basebalz,korn4life,Blinkdogo2,310_cutty, Erthshker,bhsdriller,msimon,biker911,SPY,90accordman,Upzaw2000,bunkerking09,trailz516,jere s313,greendragonslim,greenman100,korn4life,AnonymousUser,slam,tymoto21,widehatchback47, flores210,SethPhillips,andrew9924,btdickey99,redlineaudio,gangstajpimpin,dylan12321,Kharps ,Rashadd,Andrizzle,Regal_350
  13. Product I'm looking for: AA Mayhem Motor Budget: Open to prices Condition: Good Time Frame (if applicable): Sooner the better
  14. ssackett

    7,000w RMS (Earthquake 15")

    LOL I was talking to a guy a couple weeks ago that tried telling me he designed the Holees for Earthquake.. Isn't what I was expecting. I think the RMS is unrealistic but hey its a Earthquake right.. haha