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  1. BlurredVision

    Chris isnt loud, hes quiet af

    Guess you're going for 45 at 20 Hz? .
  2. BlurredVision

    Another New Car lol. Really wanting this one in the 150s

    And I know the zv5 can easily do it on a legit 4 or 5k
  3. BlurredVision

    You guys have convinced me to get a better sub. Fi or AB?

    Go to you local facebook sundown group and snag 1 X v2 15. Build good box and tuned to 32 and it'll probably tear your truck apart.
  4. BlurredVision

    sound deadening and FAST rings?

    Same here. In my honda, a bar is there. And there wasn't much front clearance for the front ring. Waste is money in my situation. In theory, if you can get both to fit, I believe it is definitely worth it. I have multiple layer of deadening on my doors too.
  5. BlurredVision

    Looking for a 3500 @1

    get the ampere bruh, Worth what ever he ask as long as its reasonable. Rated at 12v and makes globs of power on higher voltage and .5 .33 .25 ohms. Just be able to support it.
  6. Honestly, I'd love to see more sealed ground pounder like setups. This gives me hope sealed can get fairly nasty: I wanna see 6 15's built for sealed in a flat wall.
  7. BlurredVision

    Belt to big next size to small

    I'm having the same issue in my honda. I changed my alt and the mechanic said the stock belt would work. Smaller pulley thou you know. I need a smaller belt also.
  8. BlurredVision

    2 12's Vs 4 12's

    if you can sustain your 2500 watts, i feel that would be better suited for 2 12's. my 2 12s in a proper box gets some whats louder and a lot lower thank most cramming 4 in almost the same space. And I feel you'd be better giving 2 12's 700 or 800 watts a piece than 4 12's 3 or 400 watts per. Gotta factor in rise somewhat.
  9. if money permits, try the FI Qs optimized for seal
  10. is this gonna be a basic ported or 4th? Even for those, you have a lot of room to play with
  11. BlurredVision

    Sundown better the L7s?

    I agree on box rebuild. L7 aren't chump woofers. Technically kickers top of the line. Just not built like sundown.
  12. BlurredVision

    Sundown better the L7s?

    I've never heard L7s in a proper enclosure. I've only seen them like fiberglassed to look pretty. I remember a buddy of mine had one of the og L7 on an earthquake d2 shredder in a small Honda civil i think. It hurt your ears. Enclosure was less then will built.
  13. BlurredVision

    Zv5 15s or btl neo 15s

    I'd go zv5 personally. Buddy of mine has two of the 18s on their 6k in his pickup, non walled, and does a 55 at a pretty low frequency.
  14. I've heard deaf bounce gear. That stuff is loud. I was too chicken to sit in the truck.
  15. Interesting. Mine kinda did that anyway. Like if i rev it and when it drops back down, I'll sound a little sluggish
  16. BlurredVision

    in dash car PC?!

    I tried to build one years ago when i had an suv. Brought a pico itx board and everything. I gave up on it. This was about 10 years ago and screens in the dash wasn't common place yet. Let alone a whole mini carputer.
  17. So far, yes. I'm clamping close to 3K and no lights dimming or anything.
  18. I believe so. I got the 240 on my 2.4 and my mechanic bolts is right on. It took him some figuring but he had it in about 30 mins.
  19. We have the same gen and mine went on with no problem. You must have a V6?