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  1. goingdef

    Amp kit and capacitor

    A cap isn't completely useless people just seem to use them in the wrong situation, if you have no voltage issues at all then a cap is for you, but if you have voltage jumping around while playing then like everyone is saying the cap will hinder the system.
  2. goingdef

    Help! Shifted motor!

    My brand new zv4 magnets are not perfectly stacked either, I think it's fine I would check the measurement around the gap and see if it's consistent.
  3. goingdef

    Help! Shifted motor!

    That's not what shifts, it genrally the pole and or top plate, I think you're fine unless it rubbing them I would say there's damage to the coil/former.
  4. goingdef

    Sundown audio Zv.4 wanted

    I hope you get one, there pretty **** nasty!
  5. Yea at this point enjoy what you have start your electrical upgrades and after they are complete (big three, two large AGM batteries, 0g wiring for amps) then upgrade your amps and subs and you will run into a lot less problems along the way!
  6. goingdef

    speaker clearance

    I had the same issue when installing RE XXX components in my doors, I needed up using a Dremel tool to remove some of the ring that isolates the speaker from the rest of the door panel, it gave me just enough room for the speakers to throw freely.
  7. goingdef

    Is anyone running the same set up as i am?????

    They would have to be running the same hu as you if your looking for gain settings and if your looking for xovers settings they would have to have an identical car and enclosure and the same taste as you.
  8. goingdef

    friends new head unit is clipping out

    There could be a short or it could be wired incorrectly giving the wrong impedance causing it to overheat, without pulling it and testing the wiring there's no telling.
  9. I had this issue a few months back and t was a bad connection at the fuse block under the hood and it had actually started melting the wire and block at the bad connection.
  10. Sounds like its possible there's a bad connection either your power or ground wire to the amp causing the amp to go protect due to being starved for power under heavy load. Check all connections be sure there's no paint on any metal surfaces and that all connections are tight.
  11. goingdef

    corolla electrical

    My 02 corolla has a 600.2 for highs and a 1500.1 on two12"s and have no real electrical issues, stock alt one yellow top and the big three and I might see high 11's for a second here and there full tilt but mainly mid 12's. ---------- Post added at 05:16 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:15 PM ---------- A little easier but it really depends on the amp.
  12. goingdef

    capacitor question

    A cap has its place, in a perfect electrical system that wasn't suffering from voltage drops.
  13. goingdef

    I can't adjust bass & treble while driving?

    My Jvc was the same way, I believe I just grounded the parking brake lead and that allowed it to do all functions no matter what.
  14. I would but its too long of a drive from Norfolk for me, it would be different if I had a chance but yea.....no!
  15. goingdef

    Brand New CDT Components sound like $h!t

    I can tell you how to bypass the cut off but you run a better risk of blowing a tweeter, but if you want to go that route it's easy takes no tools and about 30 sec per side.